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HubSpot Sequences vs. Workflows: What's the Difference?

Posted by Kelsey Galarza on 4/3/19 4:05 PM

Everyone wants to be able to send multiple messages to prospects in a given order. Or maybe based on actions taken or not taken by the prospect. HubSpot was designed to make this very do-able, and even (gulp), easy.

Based on multiple conversations with our B2B startup clients, however there are a few key differences that get in the way of setting these up, and that’s the difference between

HubSpot Templates and Sequences


HubSpot Emails and Workflows

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Orange Marketing is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

Posted by Rebecca Gonzalez on 4/16/18 10:43 PM

Orange Marketing is now a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

Newport Beach, CA, April 17, 2018

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Google Suite Tips for Setting Up Email and Calendar

Posted by Rebecca Gonzalez on 2/25/18 10:32 PM
Is Google Suite Driving You Crazy?

Setting up Google Suite for you new business can be relatively painless. And, there is absolutely no better way to run a new company from the get go, then on Google Suite. As I have implemented Google Suite countless times for both clients and myself, there are a couple of things that trip me up nearly every single time. Here is my checklist for non-vexing Google Suite setup:

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