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Monica Caraway

Monica's background in promoting corporate and government clients began with Media Monitors Australia where she assisted public relations departments in targeting and monitoring press and broadcast news. She has focused her career in content generation across multiple industries, with a strong background in designing publicity campaigns for conferences, I.T. tours, crowdfunding campaigns, and book launches.


Stop Wasting Money on Leads Your B2B Sales Reps Won't Call

Do you know where you are wasting money on good leads? Some crucial basics are holding B2B sales teams back. We have the answers!

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B2B Sales Teams That Your Investors Will Love

Your investors want to see a scalable, repeatable, and predictable sales process to help them determine when (or if) they will get their money back....

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What's In A Name? Writing Compelling Anonymous Case Studies.

Never let the fact that a happy customer doesn't want to be mentioned by brand name in a case study hinder you from producing them! When you tell...

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The Website Messaging Template That Will Improve Your Lead Conversions

We work with a lot of SaaS startup companies, many of whom bring fresh and unique ideas to market. It can take quite a bit of research to establish...

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How to Make A Case Study Quickly for Your Business or Client

If you are marketing for your own business or startup, or are marketing for a client, getting good content together for prospective customers is...

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Tips for Creating HubSpot Chatbots

If you would like to qualify some of your website traffic for your sales team through an automation tool, building a chatbot is a terrific option....

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Is Local SEO Important For National or Virtual Companies?

If you're creating marketing strategies for national or virtual companies where the only location is a headquarters office (if that), you may believe...

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HubSpot Sales Enablement Tools - Creating Sequences Step-by-Step

HubSpot’s sales enablement tools allow sales teams to automate follow up messaging and tasks to help stay on top of leads in a predetermined cadence....

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Identifying and Isolating Target Keywords and Topics using SEMrush

SEMrush is a SaaS tool that helps you target your marketing efforts by analyzing data on any website -- your own and your competition’s. Learn how to...

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11 Actionable Marketing Tactics We Learned from Inbound 2019

More than 26,000 marketing and sales professionals attended HubSpot’s Inbound 2019 conference in Boston. Our Orange Marketing team has attended...

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