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Why You need HubSpot Website CMS Now to Launch Your Business

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Launching your business? Why you should build your website with HubSpot's new CMS vs. WordPress, Squarespace, WIX, etc.

When HubSpot launched its CMS last year, the benefits of switching your website if you already used HubSpot as your sales and marketing platform were apparent right away. There was just one catch: it was expensive. 

At around $400/month for CMS Pro, it could only be justified by larger companies with a more sophisticated website. Your average startup simply isn’t doing anything substantial enough to require the advanced features.

Enter the recently launched CMS Starter. At $23/month (if you pay for a year upfront), it’s not much more expensive than the hosting you’d need for a WordPress install and the difference will be more than made up over a year in labor savings alone.

Since integrated with the rest of HubSpot, you'll have the added benefit of having your data in one place, so you’ll never have to wonder if everything is working.

HubSpot's True Value

Here are a few more reasons why HubSpot CMS Starter makes sense:

  1. Easy set up: Because you don’t need to configure hosting, upload files, unpack a theme, etc., you can have your homepage up in just a couple of hours (I recently tested this theory for a personal website).
  2. Easy-to-use editor: The CMS uses the same WYSIWIG editor as the HubSpot landing page editor, which means it's proven, reliable, and simple. The theme library is extensive and out-of-the-box. The themes will have enough templates to sate the needs of businesses that aren’t ready to pay for a fully custom website.
  3. Stock library access: One challenge many people run into when building a website is the lack of readily available images. With the HubSpot CMS, you get access to the stock libraries HubSpot has access to, making it easy to find the art you need without having to pay extra for it from a source like Adobe Stock.
  4. Low maintenance: Since HubSpot is a SaaS product, your CMS will always be up to date, and you won’t have to worry about sketchy/obsolete/non-supported plugins breaking.

If you need a CRM and a CMS, the CRM Starter Suite bundle includes the entire HubSpot stack for just $45/month (if you pay up front), which is less than most unused gym memberships.

At this price point, you can build your entire operation using HubSpot from the beginning and avoid accumulating technical and operational debt. (And if you’re a qualifying startup, you could get up to 90% off for your first year!)

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