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SaaS Medical Startup's Website Makeover Doubles Traffic and Leads

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An education technology startup that sells advanced extended reality apps to medical and nursing schools reached out for marketing support amid a fundraising round.

They needed to update their early stage website quickly, to prepare for their buying season, the months before students in the US begin a new academic year.

The Challenge


The company had a one-page website built on Wix, exclusively for initial fundraising. Many technology startups begin their website presence in the same way. It only had one simple "contact-us" conversion opportunity, which sent an email to their only salesperson and the CEO. 



The Client wanted a new website built from scratch YESTERDAY as they were in talks with large potential investors, and their Wix website did not demonstrate their premium capabilities.

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The Problem

There were several challenges to overcome. 

  1. The client’s one-page website was not marketing their story in the best possible light for a product and company of their caliber. For example, it lacked the typical website sections that an ongoing enterprise is expected to have like a “Resources” and an “About” section. 
  2. The Client’s marketers desired to modify website content independently without relying on developers or a third-party agency
  3. And, the Client needed to have a website live exceptionally quickly to take advantage of the buying season for their products

The Solution

We recommended HubSpot's CMS to build the new website for several critical reasons, including:

  • The speed of implementation via templates
  • The Client could manage the site themselves and avoid having to deal with developers going forward; this was a specific request they made to help save time and friction on back and forth 
  • They already used HubSpot Marketing Pro, making integration extremely smooth

At Orange Marketing, we have been consistently migrating websites to the HubSpot CMS, to easily manage the website, its content, and the Marketing CRM in one place. We have found the newly launched and powerful Hubspot CMS Hub even better than before.

Orange Marketing identified a specific website template, Helpful Hero’s Clean 6, that fit the requirements perfectly. The Helpful Hero template is an aesthetically clean, drag and drop solution available in both templates and themes. The template has a lot of flexibility to add and adjust things on the fly. Its functionality easily cuts a website buildout time by half. 

Our design partner, Tank New Media, came up with two different designs, both adhering to the template’s guardrails. The Client easily selected between one and we were off to the races. The website’s main sections were up within a month.

LEARN HOW: SaaS Startup Website Development

A strategic messaging workshop as input in building a traditional copy deck with clients before building or refreshing websites is best practice. The deck outlines each website page's objectives, with a targeted audience, core messaging, keywords, metadata, intention for prospective customers, and more. The Orange Marketing Website Copy Deck Outline, which is available for download, shows the outline we typically work with. We start with fundamental agreement on the concepts before copy drafts and reviews start. Much better to slow down to go fast!

The Results

website 3-1

The new website launch was a success - website visitors responded to the new website’s capabilities, format, and design. And now we had a robust website and marketing platform to use to start the Client’s marketing programs. In late June, they launched a free simulation app which prepares healthcare workers to treat COVID-19 patients.

We were able to deliver:

  • Beautiful and easy to navigate design
  • Standard pages that visitors (and importantly investors) would expect for this product and solution
  • An increase in organic traffic of 100% in less than a month
  • New Contacts doubled from previous rate
  • Continuing growth in Contact Conversion rate, topping out at 3.6% in June, on a much higher traffic base.


The website launched at the end of April, during COVID-19 lockdowns. Despite the general upset in website traffic and conversions that we have seen with many of our B2B clients, this Client’s traffic and conversion rates grew, straight out of the gate, to a best in class result. The two bar graphs below show the Client's Sessions and New Contact results from Dec to July.


With SaaS Startups it is important to understand their needs, tight deadlines, and the need for flexibility during frequent strategy pivots.  

And due to exceptional partnership with the Client’s PR and Marketing lead, we were able to launch the site fully formed with a multiple post blog, a pillar page, an eBook offering, chat, and popups. Their content is on a healthy track and we are seeing the results continue with upticks in organic traffic growth and new contacts.


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Project Resources

  • Design: We enjoyed a great collaboration with Krista Ankenman, Tyler Cooley, and Taylor Kack from Tank Media on the website design.
  • Website Template: Helpful Hero Clean6
  • Website CMS: HubSpot CMS Hub

Additional Resources