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Why HubSpot’s Website CMS Hub is a WordPress Killer

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Wordpress Killer

And, why Orange Marketing recommends Hubspot 100% over any other website CMS.

The launch of HubSpot’s powerful, user-centric CMS is a total game-changer and WordPress killer. We know that these are strong fighting words. We are taking the gloves off, and telling you why. 

Old Technology


We get you, website designers and developers. You have been working with and recommending WordPress since launch in 2003. And you have your cozy little niche supporting this website sacred cow. Yes, WordPress is 17 years old. That should tell you something. For example, there is no WordPress roadmap. 

HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot has an entire company behind HubSpot CMS with a product team, frequent feature releases, and a roadmap. The current Hubspot CMS is just the tip of the iceberg as to what we will see in one or two years. 

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Non-Intuitive Interface


WordPress is essentially an ancient platform with a user interface that is non-intuitive to most users. Marketers have a rough time updating WordPress sites without begging the local developer for help. 

Please sir, would you kindly help me move this image from this page to that page. Oh you don’t have time? Here is a six-pack. Thank you very much sir.” 

We have been in this position, many times throughout our various marketing jobs. Frankly, we are sick of it. 

HubSpot CMS Hub

Hubspot CMS Hub has drag and drop tools that work. It’s easy to get our clients up and running, making edits and updates on their own. The blog management tool in HubSpot is far superior to WordPress. Our clients are ecstatic when their blog is migrated over from WordPress to HubSpot.  And WordPress started out as a blog management tool. Think about that for a minute. 



OMG the WordPress plugins. They continuously need updating, testing, and more money. Your WordPress site suddenly breaks, and your CEO lets you know it is broken? AWESOME. It is a marketer’s favorite email.

HubSpot CMS Hub

There are no stupid plugins. It is a real SaaS solution with everything handled behind the scenes and on HubSpot’s shoulders, not your team’s to keep the technology up to date. 

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Here are 5 Common WordPress Security Issues:

  • File Inclusion Exploits
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Malware
  • Not updating WordPress plugins
  • Untrustworthy WordPress plugins

And on and on and on. Any corporate I.T. group worth its salt will refuse to let marketers implement a website on WordPress. Corporate developers find themselves forced to use raw .NET or heaven forbid SiteCore ($$$$$). 

HubSpot CMS Hub

Hubspot’s CMS will make corporate I.T. happy. Read all about it here, as discussing security bores the crap out of us. 

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Ahhh, the great SEO. WordPress also requires plugins to make SEO a no-brainer with Yoast being the weapon of choice. Some SEO plugins are paid, and some are free. More plugins mean more software management and cost.

HubSpot CMS Hub

CMS Hub includes on-page SEO tools built-in to the blog, landing pages, and website pages. The “Optimize” tab on any HubSpot page will give you immediate feedback on what is necessary to make your page SEO optimized. And this tab's functionality is being updated regularly, whenever Google whimsically changes its search rules. 

Stack of Stuff


A marketing strategy dependent upon a WordPress website requires a tech stack: Hosting, SSL, CDN, Domain, CRM, Database, Chat, Redirects, Landing Pages, Email, and so on. This stack of stuff is held together via APIs, duct tape and Zapier. All of which puts marketers right back in I.T. prison. Marketers need a technical person to update any little bit of this stack. It’s frustrating. 

HubSpot CMS Hub

They say it best themselves

“CMS Hub joins Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and the HubSpot CRM in HubSpot’s family of powerful, easy-to-use tools for growing businesses. It includes Enterprise and Professional tiers, each of which is designed to take the pain out of website management and make it easy for users to build remarkable website experiences for their customers”

We have stopped supporting WordPress.

Hubspot wrote their own “Hubspot vs. Wordpress” web page. But honestly, they were very polite and P.C. regarding the things that make us so frustrated with WordPress. HubSpot has to play nice in the sandbox because many of its partners support WordPress. After all WordPress’ market share is 37% of all websites. What argument is used to get clients to build websites in WordPress? "455 million websites can't be wrong." Seriously. Was that also the justification to keep mainframes?

Orange Marketing does not need to be so polite. We have stopped supporting WordPress websites and recommend that our customers migrate their existing websites over to HubSpot, and then when ready for an upgrade, they build it upon HubSpot’s new CMS.

Why so militant?

A CMS product must justify its monthly expense. HubSpot is more than just a standalone CMS. It combines website functionality with HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service products, and allows our clients to quickly see which portions of the website are driving growth and revenue. And then even more quickly, make changes. 

Seeing results and taking action to improve outcomes is precisely the discipline that we provide our clients. A HubSpot eco-system enables our clients to grow, and eventually do it all themselves someday without any help from Orange Marketing. Yep, that's right. We are here to empower our clients and get them off of dependent and unproductive relationships with developers and agencies. And that includes us.

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