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Wrapping Up: How to Repurpose Your 2020 Content and End the Year Right

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2020 content marketing wrap up

As the end of year draws near, we like to reflect on what we accomplished over the last twelve months (and, in 2020, we should definitely celebrate even the little wins). We also like to crack out the crystal ball and make predictions about what’s on the horizon.

Content marketers love this stuff because it offers an easy way to fill content calendars for an otherwise busy season. Creating a “greatest hits” post or download offer is a no-brainer, and industry insiders love future-forward thinking.

There’s one big question for us: How to do this content right? Here are our top tips.

Don’t Skip the Recap

Do you remember January? By the time December rolls around, most of us don’t. It’s time to break out the recap. There are two perfect topics you’ll want to tackle:

  • What your company or industry did this year
  • Greatest hits on your blog

Company highlights
The first topic is pretty self-explanatory. Did you win any awards this year? Issue any meaty press releases? Did you exceed first-round funding expectations by miles or sign a blockbuster deal?

Put this into a year-end review. It’s a great way to capitalize on momentum and excitement about your brand. It can also build hype for what you have planned for next year.

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Blog recaps
To get the second topic right, you want to take a look at the data. Which blog posts drove the most traffic, converted the best, or ranked the highest.

Crunch the numbers and choose maybe your top 10 to 15 posts. Next, see if you can find a theme in the posts. Maybe there are a few posts about choosing the best app, tips for boosting productivity, or getting more out of technology. 

Then, there are a few ways to repurpose the content:

This kind of content lets you capitalize on material that was already performing well. Keep an eye on the keywords you used too. They can help you push repurposed content higher in the SERPs.

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Become a Fortune Teller

Your next stop on the year-end content train is looking to the future. People want news about 2021, so they’re all ears for predictions.

A predictions post is a great way to show off your position as an industry expert and thought leader. It’ can also be fantastic for SEO.

You can use statistics to create a picture of the “state of the industry” in a number of ways, including:

  • Predictions for 2021: Where is your industry trending right now?
  • 2020 vs. 2021: Out with the old and in with new! Take a look at some of your 2020 content and predict where business is going
  • How-to guides for the new year
  • Your team’s insights
  • Steps your audience can take to prepare themselves for 2021

People are already thinking about their plans for next year, so the sooner you can get this kind of content rolling, the better.

Make Content Creation a No-Brainer

You spent a lot of time creating great content in 2020, so now’s the time to capitalize on it. Wrap up the year by recapping your greatest hits, highlighting your best advice, and help your audience prep for next year—all by looking back at what you already did.

BTW, how's your website?

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