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Breaking the Mold in Sales and Marketing - White Paper

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Orange Marketing’s co-founder Kelsey Galarza recently presented on what the tried and true sales and marketing tactics are and shared trending and newer tactics that B2B and startups can explore and adapt.

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For the majority of B2B organizations, a combination of strategies and tactics are the reason for their sales and marketing success. To save time, money, and a headache or two during the campaign development process, it is important to differentiate which tactics should be included in your planning.

It is also useful to understand how some of the more "wildcard" tactics need to be tested for an individual business as results will vary. Kelsey is very clear to warn that no marketing risks should be tried until a business has the fundamentals down. Qualified leads should be filtering to sales steadily before any marketing risks are taken.  

Kelsey shares best practices and talks about the importance of sales and marketing teams to work together - something that is all too frequently lost sight of by management.

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You can download the eBook of the presentation below, which is provided along with access to the recorded presentation. 

Learn more about when to follow the herd or set out on your own way with your sales and marketing campaigns.

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