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Top Snippet Placement Tips from SEMrush

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SEMrush is a platform that helps marketers gain insight into what is performing well, and what isn't, on both their website and their competitors' websites. Use our tips below to leverage SEMrush to hit the coveted top snippet placement.

How to Target Snippets

For snippet research inside SEMrush, head over to Projects on the left and select from your established Project domains. You can easily create a new project in the Projects page by following the prompts.


Go to Position Tracking - And then select the Featured Snippets tab on the far right.

The keywords and phrases revealed are keywords/phrases to investigate in the On Page SEO Checker tool.


On Page SEO Checker

On the far left select the On Page SEO Checker.

On the far right, you can enter specific keywords/phrases/or URLs to look up.


There are 4 specific tabs in this section: Overview, Optimization Ideas, Top 10 Benchmarking, and Idea Tasks. Each tab will reveal sp
ecific, actionable tasks the system generates that will help improve SEO on your snippets. 

The ideas/tasks will not always make sense. It is a bit of trial and error. And if an idea/task directs you to update or change something that does not make sense, rerun the report. The SEM crawl might be out of date. 

If something is still incorrect, it may mean another issue is at hand. You can email the SEMRush people to help you resolve discrepancies.

Download Marketing Checklists - Case Studies, Campaigns, & Optimization

While in the SEO Checker, go to the Top 10 Benchmarking tab and check the box that helps you isolate snippets. This is another comparing look.


For SEMrush tips on figuring out what keywords you should be targeting, please see our post SEMrush Tips for Isolating Keywords.

And to score some free checklists to help with inbound marketing, please see our checklist bundle below!



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