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Rebecca Gonzalez

Rebecca’s extensive experience in inbound and outbound marketing and digital technology can get her clients out of almost any predicament they find themselves in.

11 Steps to Ensure Google Indexes Your New Website

11 Steps to Ensure Google Indexes Your New Website

Clients ALWAYS ask us, "What is the trick to rank #1 on Google for our website?" Welp, it's not the 2000's kids. There are no tricks anymore. However, there are basic things you can do to ensure you rank as high and as quickly as you possibly can.

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How to Win a HubSpot Impact Award

How to Win a HubSpot Impact Award 🏆 and Why It Matters

Do you ever want something so badly that you could almost taste it? Frankly, this has been our obsession with the HubSpot Impact Awards. Please enjoy...

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Marketing and Sales Tool Consolidation Ignites IsosTech Revenue Growth

Case Study Learn how Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, consolidated its complex sales and marketing stack to one integrated...

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how to send automated recurring emails using hubspot workflows

How to Send Automated Recurring Emails Using HubSpot Workflows

First Place Winner, 2021 HubSpot Blog Contest and Originally Published July 28, 2021, on

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Coronavirus Canceled Your Trade Show, Don't Let it Destroy the Year

Real Marketing Solutions to the Single-Handed Decimation of the B2B Spring 2020 Trade Show Season. Before we get started solving your authentic...

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SmartTRAK Case Study1  (2)-1

BioMedGPS SmartTRAK Plays the Long Game With Content Marketing

How we helped a medical device research company increase traffic and grow leads Overview SaaS startup BioMedGPS SmartTRAK, a leading B2B provider of...

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OrangeMarketing HubSpot Platinum blog header (2)

Orange Marketing Becomes a HubSpot Platinum Partner

Orange Marketing celebrates its one year anniversary and emerges as a leading growth agency for B2B SaaS companies in Southern California. NEWPORT...

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Inbox clutter

Sales Leads as Inbox Clutter

All names have been redacted. Recently, we sent an email promoting a new case study about a recent implementation of our SaaS Startup client's very...

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Copy of Top 3 Solutions For Disputing Deductions Blog Header 1024 x 512 - Feb 2019

Case Study: iNymbus Punched Through Their Sales Lead Problem!

SaaS Startup Founder and CEO, Sreedhar Narahari, had a problem. He and his sales team had sold in or presented their clever product for automatically...

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Easy OM blog Header 1024 x 512 - march 2019 (3)

Ban This Word from Your Vocabulary

Nothing makes us cringe more then when we hear the word "Easy." At Orange Marketing we specialize in technology and deal with a ton of super smart...

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