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Don't Knock It 'Til You've Tried It

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I was recently fortunate to spend a 9-week sales training course with Dan Tyre, an early HubSpot employee, super sales coach, and all-around fabulous (and very enthusiastic) guy. I was "required" to get off my butt, literally and figuratively, to learn how to develop Orange Marketing's client pipeline. And though I have advised people HOW to do it, (thanks to learning from the incomparable Marc Maloy, Amyra Rand, Steve Burrows, and others), I hadn't done the grind of outreach myself.

What I learned may help you  In no particular order, my top 5 lessons learned.

1) Be yourself.

Even if it's a little quirkier version of yourself. The official teaching was "be human" and I didn't have any trouble with that. I was more worried that my casual OC style wouldn't be appropriate, but it's more than appropriate, it's effective.

Be Yourself
This is what I do when I'm not hustling.


2) Pick up the phone.

If the old adage was "the early bird gets the worm", this one is :"pick up the damn phone." If you're calling with a purpose, and with a helpful, insightful piece of information your potential future client can use, based on homework/research you've done, they're pretty darn polite. And if you're good enough, and smart enough, and helpful enough, gosh darn it, people will talk and ask questions. Quit hiding behind the keyboard. I see you there.

Pick up the phone
HAHA, another of of my early Verizon phones


3) Be helpful.

This one was not new to me. Maybe I do this to a fault. But take it to heart, don't be self-serving. It doesn't work. Being pushy will get you no where. Your emails that say stuff like "Hi I'm Kelsey and I'm the sales rep at such and such"? Shelve them. Not going to work. They don't care who you are until you demonstrate value. 

Copy of Pick up the phone
This is Adam Korman from UpTech Works. He has been VERY HELPFUL to us.


4) Be persistent,

but not pushy. I sent out a series of FOUR personalized emails to the CEO of Rubik Analytics (If anyone knows Amar, send him my way) that included a series of helpful tips I had for him. The third one he clicked on an article I had sent. He didn't reply, even after one more "bye bye" email, but that's ok. I hope he got something out of it.

Be persistent
Many thanks to Kelly Holmstrom for this gift... it is very inspiring


5) Schedule time for your hustling.

Don't let business get in the way. This was a mighty struggle for me. Something always seemed more urgent, more critical. But nothing is more critical than the health of your business. Refer to rule #2. Just do it.

Make time
Everyone say "awww." This is a photo of the mantle at my Grandparents. Just how I remember.

Everything you read in all today's sales and marketing blogs are right, but there is no substitute for doing it yourself. You will learn a consistent, repeatable process, and become confident with that process, so you can have a consistent stream of leads, deals, and customers. There were a lot of other learnings. I'd love to tell you more about them. Over the phone. Give me a call.

And for more relevant learnings from Orange to help your startup ...

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