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FreightPOP Case Study: From HubSpot to Hot Spot

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FreightPop Case Study

How Orange Marketing helped a seed funded SaaS company grow its sales and marketing programs - and beat their bookings goals by almost 30%.


FreightPOP, a transportation management software platform, began its marketing journey with a half-day Orange Marketing workshop on how to utilize their HubSpot Marketing software purchase. Their marketing manager had departed unexpectedly, so FreightPOP turned to Orange Marketing to advance their demand generation efforts.

The Challenge

FreightPOP’s Goals

The FreightPOP team had a compelling reason to drive leads and sales growth. They wanted to demonstrate growth for their existing and future investors, and build high-converting leads for their growing sales team. The plan was reasonable, with more aggressive growth 6-12 months down the line required.

By incorporating content marketing, email, organic search and paid programs, and social and software review sites, we were able to steadily grow FreightPOP’s visitors, conversion rate, and leads. We worked with the CEO’s existing metrics and HubSpot’s clear visibility reports to demonstrate growth and identify additional areas of opportunity.

Opportunities for HubSpot Portal  Optimization Leads to Growth Goals. 

  • Organic Traffic Increased: 72%
  • New Contacts Increased: 117%
  • Deals Increased: 133%


FreightPOP evolved from Horizon Technology, a technology distribution company. After 20 years of frustration in dealing with over-priced, enterprise-level Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and inadequate shipping processes, they developed their own TMS.

They found their system to be so powerful and cost-effective that they branched out into the SaaS market as FreightPOP. Their solution, and overall mission, is to simplify and reduce the cost of shipping for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and 3PL's (third-party logistics firms).

The Problem

FreightPOP first contacted Orange Marketing to audit and improve their HubSpot portal. The self-taught marketing lead had done a great job, but FreightPop wanted to take the system to the next level.

After a half-day workshop, Orange Marketing provided a “punch list” for the FreightPOP team, who made progress until the departure of their marketing lead. It was then that FreightPOP’s CEO, 6-time entrepreneur Kurt Johnson, asked the Orange Marketing team if they could help push their growth goals forward!

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Approach and Implementation

Our Solution

Inbound Marketing Combined Powerfully
With Sales CRM

  • Inbound Marketing Playbook
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Connecting Processes
  • Premium Content Offers including pillar pages
  • Social Media posting and engagement
  • Lead Scoring & Nurturing
  • Paid and organic content promotion
  • Multiple advertising options
  • Optimized HubSpot Sales Workflows
  • Website Optimization
  • Retargeting and email-based targeting

We worked to meet FreightPOP’s established growth goals by breaking revenue into the number of deals required and the leads needed to fill that pipeline. Then we further broke this down to the tactics necessary to drive the leading indicators.

We were looking to:

  • Increase traffic to their website consistently every month
  • Improve the session-to-contact conversion rate
  • Increase the conversion of contacts to MQLs by 5% per month by training sales and increasing lead nurturing

Based on the goals, we executed the following recommendations for FreightPOP:

  • Created a consistent inbound playbook with specific formulas and recipes for promoting the FreightPOP content via blog posts, email, lead popups, and downloadable content offers.
  • Added CTAs and conversion opportunities throughout their website to increase session-to-contact conversion rate by 147% across the site.
  • Trained the entire sales team on social selling and encouraged their active participation in the sales process.
  • Researched the most compelling topics for customers and created pillar pages, blog posts, and landing pages that resonate with the audience and drive traffic.

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Within a one-year period we helped FreightPOP achieve:

  • 72% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 117% Increase in New Contacts
  • 133% Increase in Deals

Organic Traffic Growth


  • We multiplied the number of paid channels driving both top of funnel and bottom of funnel leads. Extensive use of software review sites and trade publications covered both bases.
  • We delivered a weekly email newsletter to both existing FreightPOP Customers and Prospects, demonstrating thought leadership through content specifically designed for them.
  • We used public relations and social media to syndicate content consistently.
  • We migrated their website to HubSpot CMS and optimized all the pages for page speed, mobile accessibility, and keywords and topics.
  • We trained sales reps on how to follow up on inbound leads to better convert contacts to Deals. 


FreightPOP already had a lot going for it when Orange Marketing came into the picture: an experienced team, a terrific product, and passionate customers. When we combined that with a consistent approach to driving traffic, converting it into contacts, and driving those contacts through to passionate customers who recommend the product, we created a growth engine that will take them into the new decade in style.

Hear directly from CEO and Co-Founder, Kurt Johnson, about his experiences looking for a marketing partner and his words of advice for other founders as they begin their marketing journey.


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