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HubSpot Unleashed: EventBuilder's Strategic Leap with Orange Marketing

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The Challenge

In August 2023, EventBuilder, a leader in delivering comprehensive webinar and virtual event solutions, embarked on a journey to optimize their use of HubSpot. Motivated by a commitment to process improvement, they teamed up with Orange Marketing, renowned for their proficiency in HubSpot audits and implementations and their expertise in synchronizing sales, marketing, and customer service for similar SaaS companies. EventBuilder was impressed with Orange's extensive experience and welcomed the opportunity to work with a fellow WBENC partner company. 

Heading into the collaboration, EventBuilder identified critical areas in which they wanted to improve:

  • Automation Refinement: Strengthening automation to streamline customer service and remove manual procedures.
  • Sales Expansion: Venturing beyond their traditional Microsoft-centric clientele to embrace a wider market.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment: Harmonizing sales and marketing efforts with a keen focus on digital practices and efficient workflows.
  • Services Implementation: Support process management improvements, migrating from a solo solution to an integrated one.

The Solution

HubSpot Audit

Orange Marketing began with a thorough HubSpot evaluation, including multiple exploratory conversations with EventBuilder team leaders and stakeholders, diving into all setups, and identifying underutilized HubSpot features that would optimize performance and achieve critical goals. Strategies were developed to enhance EventBuilder’s HubSpot capabilities across Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

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"Working with Orange Marketing was an absolute pleasure. They provided invaluable assistance to our company in evaluating our use of HubSpot and helped us envision new possibilities. By the end of our engagement, they had helped us define, implement, and train our Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing teams."

- Renee Conlee, COO, EventBuilder


Customer Service Rollout

Dynamic automation and email integration with HubSpot's CRM was introduced, which facilitated an organized and responsive customer service model, enabling representatives to effectively manage care-related inquiries and streamline communication through better ticket management, automated operations, data consolidation, and a more intuitive approach to software design and customer interaction. Key initiatives were:

  • Ticket and Pipeline Optimization:  
    • Customer Tickets: A move to dual ticket pipelines of Support and Care to enhance clarity and operational efficiency and to provide a holistic understanding of customer history and interactions, improving service quality.
    • Automated Tickets: Development of an email-to-ticket conversion to minimize manual handling and accurately distinguish between Support or Care-related communications.  
    • Timely Responses: Leveraging Microsoft Teams account for effective notifications via the integration of ticket management within HubSpot.
  • Customer Self-help: 
    • Rebuilding the previous online FAQ and support documents to a searchable HubSpot Knowledge Base provided opportunities for the EventBuilder team to know where to develop more how-to or customer training.

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  • Operational Definitions and Compliance: 
    • Defining for Excellence: Establishing precise categorization of customer queries, simplifying terminology for user account changes, and compliance with internal communication. Additionally, setting up systems for tracking and reporting changes within HubSpot to facilitate account management and development prioritization.

Sales Process Revamp

Next, structured sales operations were developed to prepare EventBuilder for broader market engagement. Areas addressed included:

  • Optimizing Lead Management and Sales Process:
    • Setting up automated processes for lead handling, focusing on quick response times, and understanding customer challenges.
    • Utilizing HubSpot for task management and notifications and employing templates and sequences for results-oriented sales outreach.
    • Identifying leads by domain or company name, especially those from Microsoft, and addressing the unique email variations due to Microsoft's vendor policy.
    • Emphasizing the importance of personalized customer engagement through tailored demonstrations and understanding of business outcomes.

  • Strategic Sales Planning:
    • Aligning CRM and deal stages in HubSpot, automating the renewal process, and focusing on revenue growth from current customers.
    • Cleaning up data for accurate client statuses.
    • Ensuring document management complies with ISO requirements and employing segmentation methods for more targeted outreach.
    • Developing a sales playbook documenting strategies and approaches, with openness to adjustments based on feedback and review.

Marketing Enhancements

Finally, Orange Marketing worked closely with EventBuilder to update their marketing tactics, focusing on:

  • Content Strategy Enhancement: 
    • Employing effective content gating, like landing pages, to control access to premium content and grow qualified leads.
    • Building a comprehensive resource library and curating webinars, videos, and white papers.

eventbuilder resource center

  • Improved Lead Generation and Engagement:
    • Automating newsletter distribution to maintain continuous engagement.
    • Introducing customer nurturing programs to foster relationships and encourage repeat engagement.

  • Content Delivery and Presentation:
    • Refining how content is delivered and presented, focusing on improving user engagement and retention.

  • Launch of a New Blog
    • Modernizing their blog to keep up with current standards and improve engagement.

  • Dedicated Email Sending Domain
    • Orange Marketing set up EventBuilder on a dedicated email sending domain to prepare them for the 2024 change in Google and Yahoo and we also commenced an email domain warmup campaign to get the ready for marketing email execution.

  • Marketing Contacts
    • EventBuilder had a HubSpot that was around for about six years and hadn’t transitioned to Marketing Contacts, the updated HubSpot marketing subscription where you pay ONLY for the emails you send marketing emails to. We transitioned EventBuilder to Marketing Contacts and onto HubSpot Suite (all HubSpot products).


"We learned so much from (Orange Marketing's) expertise and are excited about what we can accomplish. Without their guidance, it would have taken us years to get to where we are now."

- Renee Conlee, COO, EventBuilder

Orange Marketing's comprehensive approach, which integrates automation, enhances communication clarity, and employs a consultative sales strategy, has set the stage for EventBuilder to streamline processes and accelerate growth, marking strong results in: 

Automation Productivity

Automation and integration efforts led to a more cohesive management of customer interactions, improving ticket handling, workflow performance, and support processes. EventBuilder now benefits from a more streamlined and targeted approach to customer service, sales, reporting, and marketing.

Customer Communication and Support

EventBuilder boosted customer satisfaction by refining communication strategies. This focused on efficiently directing inquiries and managing urgent requests, especially for critical live event support.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

The revamped sales process and marketing enhancements positioned EventBuilder to reach a wider audience more effectively, improving lead generation and customer acquisition.

Future Plans

EventBuilder, set up with a commanding use of HubSpot, commits to leveraging its full potential, enhancing sales and marketing strategies, and refining customer support processes continuously. These actions aim to secure a competitive edge in the dynamic virtual events marketplace. Thanks to the strategic collaboration with Orange Marketing, EventBuilder positions itself for a future of ongoing innovation and market expansion.

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