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🔊Speak2 Boosts Their Alexa App with HubSpot Sales & Marketing

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Speak2's mission to transform the lives of older adults using voice technology gained powerful momentum with the support of Orange Marketing. Speak2 is a partner with Amazon's Alexa Smart Properties division. As a premium partner, they have been at the forefront of innovation on the Alexa platform. Speak2 promises a revolution in communication within senior communities, and with Orange Marketing and HubSpot's expertise, they've set the stage for a business breakthrough. 


Orange Marketing Case Study 

Client Challenge 

alexa skill logoWith a product as powerful and compassionate as theirs, supporting seniors in staying connected, Speak2’s mission has heartfelt resonance. But even the best innovations can falter without suitable systems and processes to sell, serve, and sustain growth. Speak2 sought Orange Marketing's expertise for: 

  • Skilled direction on leveraging HubSpot CRM's full potential.
  • Streamlined sales procedures and training for their team.
  • A strategic approach to content development for inbound marketing.
  • A reliable platform for Knowledge Base creation for customer self-service support.

jillian guerra_speak2Jillian Guerra, Cofounder of Speak2, notes:

"We were on the lookout for someone with HubSpot agency experience to introduce some proven processes."

How Orange Marketing Delivered:

HubSpot CRM Implementation

With a firm grasp on HubSpot's capabilities, Orange Marketing helped Speak2 streamline and optimize their existing HubSpot implementation of several years:

  • Tailored Speak2's existing HubSpot environment for optimized sales and marketing operations.
  • Integrated essential technical connections. 
  • Implemented sales process definitions and robust reporting and metrics analysis.

HubSpot Suite & Knowledge Base

In their journey with Speak2, Orange Marketing:

  • Advised on the benefits of HubSpot's CMS over their existing WordPress site and helped Speak2 transition their website to HubSpot (Speak2 did a major facelift on the way).
  • Assisted in the seamless transition to the HubSpot Product Suite.
  • Then Speak2 integrated a Knowledge Base into their service suite, empowering customers with self-service options.

Content Strategy & Execution 

fc_2 (1)Orange Marketing encouraged Speak2 to begin a content strategy to support their business.

Speak2 wrote a helpful ebook directed to their target audience.

  • Orange delivered a pillar page, ebook, and landing pages to captivate and engage potential customers.
  • Engaging pop-ups and a regular newsletter kept the engagement going.
  • Orange cleaned and scrubbed their data to ensure message reach.
  • And Orange implemented a traditional HubSpot blog/automated newsletter strategy to simplify outreach and communication. 

Marketing & Sales Team Training on HubSpot

Utilizing their well-established and successful offboarding training program, Orange Marketing effectively equipped Speak2's team to leverage HubSpot's tools fully. Orange provided:

  • Detailed sessions on HubSpot CRM functionalities, ensuring the team could navigate and use the system to its full potential.
  • Guidance on future content creation, lead nurturing, and conversion strategies within the HubSpot ecosystem.
  • Continuous support and coaching to ensure the Speak2 team could independently maintain and grow their marketing and sales processes.


The collaboration between Speak2 and Orange Marketing exemplifies a rapid ten-week overhaul. Speak2 refined its sales and marketing tactics and launched a revitalized web presence while laying a solid foundation for customer education and engagement.

With their team now adept in HubSpot's CRM and sales tools, thanks to Orange Marketing's comprehensive training, Speak2 has set a new standard in customer service and operational efficiency. This venture, founded on helping seniors, now stands as a testament to the transformative power of targeted marketing and sales enablement.

According to Jillian:

"(Orange's) entire team is highly skilled and familiar with all the ins and outs of HubSpot. There was never a moment where I didn't have someone I could ask a question, get something done, help work through problems, and always with a super quick response!"

The Transformation

The quick and efficient timeline from the first engagement to the implementation of changes and improvements is a testament to Orange Marketing's commitment to their clients. The result was not just a series of successful implementations but an entire ecosystem tailored to Speak2's unique needs.

Jillian adds:

"They are more than a typical service provider; we were a team working towards the same goals."


Through its partnership with Orange Marketing, Speak2 has realized:

  • A unified system in HubSpot that aligns with its mission-driven approach.
  • A new targeted, mobile-friendly website was created in two weeks (go Jillian!)
  • A dynamic content strategy that communicates the heart of their work.
  • An efficient and effective sales process supported by a comprehensive Sales Playbook.
  • A self-sustaining Knowledge Base that allows customers to engage on their terms.

For Speak2, the journey with Orange Marketing was more than a business transaction; it was a collaboration that honored their vision of bringing voice to the voiceless, making effective communication and support accessible to seniors by transforming how they connect with the world and their loved ones.

matt smith_speak2Matt Smith, Cofounder of Speak2 explains: 

"So many firms have cookie-cutter approaches and they lose the ability to personalize and align with your specific business. Orange was the opposite - they took the time to understand our business, the unique challenges, how our team was built - it's like they got inside our heads and created the perfect program for us. On top of that, we felt they were part of the team and not a vendor, which is how we approach our business. We couldn’t recommend them strongly enough."

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