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Top 3 HubSpot Updates to Check Out

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We are excited to share some of HubSpot’s recent updates: 

  1. Upgrade to inbound calling functions and forms
  2. Forms associations to campaigns
  3. New ACH recurring payments functionality.

Keep reading to find out what this means for you!

#1 [Public Beta] Inbound Calling

Your business can now acquire phone numbers from the US, UK, and Canada to make outbound and receive inbound calls straight to your phone. Not only that, but call records, recordings, and transcriptions are captured and saved right in the HubSpot CRM.

Your sales team just made a new best friend! Here’s how you can take advantage of this new update:

Step 1: Make your way to Calling settings (in the ⚙️ icon) and select “Get a HubSpot number”.

Step 2: Search for your desired phone number and click “Get this number”.

Step 3: Admin users can then assign this phone number to any user with a Sales or Service seat. Once assigned, the Sales or Service user can then decide where they want these calls to be forwarded to by adding a forwarding number.

Step-4/Post-Call: After a call, both inbound and outbound call records can be found on the Calls Index page.

Users can then review the details of the call (transcript, recording, time) and associate it with the relevant CRM record by simply selecting the call.

Click here for more help setting this up.

#2 Associate Forms with Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot Forms are one of the most critical assets in a marketing campaign. They turn website visitors into leads who show an interest in your product. From a sales perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that. This update allows you to associate regular forms, pop-up forms, blog comment forms, and non-HubSpot forms with your marketing campaigns.

Here’s how you can make this happen:

Method 1: Click on the “Options” tab of the Forms editor. Then select the campaign you want to associate with the form. And you are done!

Method 2: Click on the “Actions” menu on the Forms Manage Page. Then click “Select campaign” and choose a campaign to associate with the form.

Method 3: Click into your Marketing Campaign, and then click the “Add Assets” flow. From there, click on “Forms” and select the form to associate with your marketing campaign.

#3 [Now Live] Recurring ACH

HubSpot users can now collect recurring payments via ACH, which provides the same flexibility in managing subscriptions as credit card payments but at a much lower cost. You can now offer your customers both credit card and ACH payment methods with confidence!

When a recurring payment is made via ACH, a subscription record will be created (once the ACH payment is authorized and submitted).

The subscription record will then be associated with the contact, company, and deal record. HubSpot Payments will automatically charge your customer at the billing frequency specified on the quote or payment link and update the subscription record accordingly. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Where to go From Here

This month's updates are all about making the most out of your leads. HubSpot makes it easy to track sales and marketing activities, so you can stay a step ahead of your competitors and use real data to support your business decisions.

You may be asking, "How can I generate more leads for my business?".

One of our favorite methods is creating solid Landing Pages, where ~10% of visitors will become potential customers. Check out our Ultimate Landing Page Checklist to find out how to build high-performance landing pages for every offer you have.

ultimate landing page checklist

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