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Office Holiday Party and Team Gifts - Circa 2020

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2020 Office Parties

Who doesn't like holiday parties and gifts? As usual, 2020 has thrown its wrench into the end-of-year office holiday party. We had to get creative (yet again). So help us, December is not cancelled!

We are a little obsessed with holiday gift giving and get togethers. And in the past, we have treated our team to a holiday gift and experience. This year we had to forgo the party (frankly it wouldn't have worked with our increasingly remote team) but we still wanted to do something special for our dedicated, awesome, fantastic team members.

You may have noticed that we like pets. And it turns out, everyone on the team has a pet. So an idea was born ....

The Reveal

In one of our uber-exciting Monday AM team Zoom meetings, we told the group what they were getting as part of their holiday gift from Orange Marketing: Professional Pet Pictures! This was met by a combination of "wow, awesome", "huh"? and "wtf".

We ignored their puzzled faces and baffled looks and plowed on with next steps (in our usual style). If you were local-ish, you'd come to Rebecca's house on a specific date and time, and if you were not, or let's say you were a cat person, a photographer would come to you. 


Now you may ask yourself, "Self, why did they get pet photography for their team members as a gift?" And we'd answer: a gift is something you would enjoy, but may not buy for yourself. Ideally it is a lasting memento that brings good will to the gift giver as well as the recipient.

Read: it made us happy 😁 and we sure hope it made the team happy.  Plus, look for more "real" pet photos on our site instead of stock photography VERY SOON.

The Process

Let me stop here by stating that Amber Landeen is the biggest rock star in the world for having organized three photographers in three states over four separate days. 


Amber researched and contracted the photographers, and scheduled the shoots. And, she provided each of us some best practices for making our pets look their best


First up was Monica Caraway in Pennsylvania whose new puppy Loki brought our Slack channel much joy. Everyone started getting excited. Amber's cats and Texas resident Curtis DeBrincat's dogs were photographed separately as well. And Alex Zappa in Spain had to take his own cat pictures as we couldn't figure it out (is cat photography not a thing in the EU?!!).

Orange Marketing Pet Photo Shoot

The most entertaining day was when the remaining six of us, amounting to a total of eight (8) dogs descended on Rebecca's house (one human group at a time, socially distanced with masks).


Thanks to our local fantastic photographer Susan for putting up with the mayhem, and thanks to Audrey from HubSpot for providing orange accouterments (smile and you'll get a toy). 


Everyone say awwwww

We got pictures that were even better than Kelsey's favorite website, weratedogs. The results were outstanding. Take a look at a few of the examples.  


We'd like to thank our photographers for doing such an exceptional job and bringing much joy to our holiday season

The Surprise

Spoiler alert: we did also get the team a few things beyond just the pet session. And, to the Orange Marketing Team, may 2021 continue to be filled with your adorable pets who are the perfect antidote to stay-at-home Zoom call woesThank you all for your amazing contributions to Orange Marketing. We are so proud of each of you. 

Orange Marketing signing off for 2020. We'll see you on the other side. 

Rebecca and Kelsey

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