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HubSpot Customers: How to Fix Your DNS Records to Comply with Google Yahoo 2024 Email Policy Changes

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PSA (public service announcement) for HubSpot Customers. Just a few days ago HubSpot began auditing DNS records for compliance with the new Yahoo / Google changes coming in February 2024. We just noticed that for Orange Marketing, and 100% of our clients, the DNS records were showing as errors in HubSpot. That's Alarming. What to do?

To help you quickly solve these issues, we put together a little video showing you exactly where the errors are showing and how to make the changes. Thanks to Range Sports Therapy for allowing us to use their HubSpot portal to demonstrate the errors. 

Here is the error you will see on your "Email sending domains" if you navigate to HubSpot Settings | Website | Domains and URLs | Email Sending Domains.

rangesportstherapy error 1

Click "Continue domain setup" and then "No, I'll set it up manually." if you manage DNS on GoDaddy. GoDaddy has a sweet HubSpot integration.

rangesports 2

Now, you will get the SPECIFIC instructions you need to update your DNS. 


Easy. The DNS administrator for will need to add the "" onto their existing SPF record. AND, they need to add a DMARC record which HubSpot is providing a bare-bones setting for. For customers who do not have I.T. who can set up custom DMARC records, this plain jane setting is good enough.

Two other things to help you.

  • A Google sheet where we have provided's email DNS record here.
  • A quick video showing you the example above. 


Good luck! Reach out if you have questions. 

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