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8 Reasons to Choose HubSpot CMS for Your B2B Website

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We have an important message for your B2B: Please stop wasting time building WIX, Squarespace, or WordPress websites and get the right tool from the get go that will support your growth through multiple funding rounds, buyout, or IPO. **Warning** -- If the following sounds like a blatant HubSpot sales pitch, well, that's because it is. We stand behind HubSpot as the BEST CRM and website tool for B2Bs—so much so that we don't support any other Marketing CRM or website CMS. Period.

Why HubSpot for B2Bs?

As a B2B, there is a lot to focus on. One of many important decisions is figuring out how to manage your website and choosing a Content Management System (CMS). Security, affordability, performance, scalability, reliability, convenience, and ease of operation are some things to consider. A smart decision on the best CMS as an early startup—or migrating to a top-notch CMS early on—saves money, limits growing pains, and positions your business for great marketing as you mature.

videate website hubspot built by Orange Marketing on HubSpot CMS

8 Reasons To Choose HubSpot CMS 

As HubSpot superfans, here are our eight reasons why HubSpot's CMS is a no-brainer for B2Bs. 

1. All-in-One Platform: B2B Website and Marketing One-Stop-Shop

HubSpot CMS combined with HubSpot Marketing CRM lets you create, manage, and execute your content in one place. This includes website pages, offer landing pages, calls-to-action, stand-alone and follow-up emails, newsletters, live chat, and blog posts. Analytics, SEO, A/B testing, and built-in reporting tools also enable optimization and functionality. There are no extra plug-ins or software required to be on your way to creating and optimizing great-looking content. 

2. Marketer-Super-Friendly

Forget having to ask (and pay and wait for) a developer to make simple changes to your website. HubSpot’s CMS is so user-friendly that even inexperienced or non-technical users can easily edit or create website pages and other content. Themes, or a set of customizable assets such as modules, templates, and drag-and-drop features, allow for a marketer-friendly content editing experience. With access and ownership of your website, marketers will spend less time worrying about how to make updates and more time focusing on creating an engaging customer experience.

smartTRAK website_2 built by Orange Marketing on HubSpot CMS

3. Advanced Security Features and Reliability

Your IT team will feel good knowing your website is always fast and secure. HubSpot-hosted websites include a standard SSL certificate for a secure browsing experience and a globally hosted content delivery network (CDN), so your website has 99.99% uptime. Along with cache optimization and more, HubSpot-hosted sites load instantly, so visitors won’t bounce away frustrated by a lagged load time. In addition, 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection are included. See all IT features here

4. Training and Customer Service

HubSpot was built for marketers by marketers and has been around since 2006, outlasting competitors as a well-known and trusted marketing content management platform for businesses at all stages of growth. With free training courses in HubSpot Academy, there are endless opportunities to educate yourself on HubSpot-specific fundamentals and overall digital marketing strategies and practices. Still need help? A top-rated customer support team is available via your preferred communication channel: email, chat, or phone. 

speak2 website built by Orange Marketing on HubSpot CMS

5. Integrated Solution

With HubSpot’s free Sales & Marketing CRM, you get world-class tools that work together immediately and keep your website and customer data in the same place. This is invaluable for your sales and marketing efforts and lets you leverage customer information to create personalized experiences on your website.

6. Cost-Effective

B2B Content Management Systems can often require high monthly or annual fees. HubSpot’s basic CMS starts at $450/month, which is by far the lower-cost option to purchasing and trying to manage and integrate separate software platforms for marketing, sales, and customer service.  

orange marketing website hubspot_2 built by Orange Marketing on HubSpot CMS

7. Scalability

Need more advanced features once your B2B company makes it big-time and is wildly successful down the road? It’s easy to upgrade a tier to CMS Hub Enterprise and rule the internet. HubSpot’s scalable architecture ensures that your website will continue to perform optimally without compromising speed or reliability as your traffic and data needs grow, supporting your expansion seamlessly.

8. Enhanced Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation

HubSpot's Marketing Hub streamlines lead nurturing through advanced marketing automation workflows and personalized messaging. This capability helps B2B businesses build trust, foster relationships, and guide prospects through the sales funnel by delivering the right message to the right audience at the optimal time.

Using HubSpot for ABM Targeting

Adopting HubSpot CMS for your B2B offers numerous benefits, from an all-in-one platform to scalability. And as you optimize your marketing strategies, consider enhancing your approach with Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

B2B companies often target specific high-value accounts or niche markets, making ABM an ideal strategy. To help you implement ABM effectively, download our comprehensive guide, Mastering Account-Based Marketing: A Step-By-Step Guide To Implementing ABM In HubSpot. This guide includes:

  • When to Use ABM
  • How to Select Accounts & Identify Contacts
  • Creating an Outreach Plan
  • Developing Content for ABM
  • And much more!

Enhance your marketing efforts and build stronger relationships with high-value accounts. Download our guide and take your ABM strategy to the next level!

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