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From Reveal to Real: HubSpot's #INBOUND23 Game-Changing Announcements Decoded!

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The recently concluded #INBOUND2023 was abuzz with innovations, breakthroughs, and forward-thinking strategies. At the heart of it all was HubSpot's core announcements detailing game-changing AI releases and new features set to redefine the future of digital marketing. Here's an overview of those crucial developments and a link to our WEBINAR RECAP and slides for a close-up look into what you need to start using—and what is safe to ignore. And we don't sugarcoat it! This webinar will save you time in establishing what amazing new functionalities you should start incorporating now.  

Why You Need to Watch Our Webinar Recap! 

kelsey_webinar_inbound2023Kelsey Galarza, Co-founder of Orange Marketing, spearheaded our INBOUND recap, delving into HubSpot's plethora of annual feature rollouts. Here are some standout features Kelsey highlighted that we're excited about:

  • The Promise and Potential of AI: We're in an exciting era in artificial intelligence, specifically thanks to what is known as generative AI. From helping craft blog posts and emails to more advanced features, the use of AI is no longer a thing of the future; it's happening right now. And while some applications might seem basic, their potential to revolutionize the way we do marketing is profound.
  • Leads: What is it? A baby object? A tool? A lifesaver? We emphasize caution. The Leads thing that HubSpot has just launched is awesome but requires a thoughtful approach. We do not recommend turning it on until you have had time to consider its potential for mass destruction of your beautiful HubSpot instance. P.S. We would love to help you figure out leads in a customized implementation workshop. This will save you $529 worth of pain, almost instantly. 👍
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  • Enhanced Customization: The ability to customize the CRM view, make the most of new lead settings, and integrate AI-driven tools into your HubSpot experience can redefine your sales and marketing process. From rewriting content to changing its tone to suit your brand voice, there's a wealth of new tools to explore.

▶️ Dive Into The Latest HubSpot Updates

Our webinar explored these aspects and Kelsey further oriented viewers on a number of new HubSpot marketing tools, noting the ways businesses can use them to stay ahead of the curve, including:

  • - Is it worth its salt, or is it all hype at this stage?
  • Content Assistant - Options to generate/edit copy throughout HubSpot.
  • Sales Hub - Intuitive tools that will speed up sales reps
  • Prospecting Workspaces with LEADS! - Efficiency tool that incorporates a lot of customization.
  • Deal Improvements - A laundry list of tools to improve managing and forecasting deals.
  • Prospecting Reporting - Moving deals quickly along.
  • New Help Desk - HubSpot brings conversations and tickets together at last!
  • AI Chatbot - Automatically answers customer questions using your website and Knowledge Base articles. 

As HubSpot's Powers Expand, So Does Its Complexity

Our webinar was about more than just new tools and capabilities. Kelsey also emphasized the need for businesses to understand these new features to harness their potential. Kelsey's candid assessment of these tools makes our webinar recap a MUST-WATCH. While many features, like the rewrite tool, received positive feedback, there were frank perspectives on areas of improvement, providing a balanced view for businesses evaluating these tools.

Watch the Recorded Webinar!

More Webinar Highlights

What else did Kelsey cover in this extensive webinar evaluation? There were some goodies! Kelsey also dived into:

  • Knowledge Base Integration: The AI capabilities of HubSpot have now extended into seamlessly linking your website content and knowledge base to cater instantly to customer queries. Efficiently scanning available content delivers precise answers, cutting down on response times and ensuring customer satisfaction. This innovation amplifies the user experience and paves the way for a reduced dependency on human support, streamlining operational costs.

  • AI Hallucination & Its Reality: While AI is undeniably revolutionary, it's pivotal to remember its inherent challenges. Kelsey addressed the AI chatbot's occasional missteps, termed "hallucinations", where the tool might not always provide the most accurate responses. Yet, being in its beta stage means ample room for growth, refinement, and optimization. HubSpot user feedback will be a cornerstone for this evolution.

  • CRM Redefined: The newly-coined 'Smart CRM' showcases the union of traditional CRM with advanced AI integrations. The focus remains on delivering a bespoke experience to users. HubSpot's dashboard now offers a smorgasbord of customization options, from viewing activity timelines to designing unique cards for varied data or objects. The ability to tailor your CRM based on specific needs ensures efficient information access and a more streamlined workflow.

  • Multi-Tab Feature for Enterprise: Addressing the age-old problem of uniform views, HubSpot's new multi-tab feature is a beacon of hope. This enterprise-only tool is the gateway to creating specific tabs for varied departments like customer service, sales, or marketing. By doing so, teams can have tailored views rather than a monolithic, one-size-fits-all perspective. This feature's potential is vast, promising enhanced user experiences and more efficient team functionalities.

  • Conditional Properties: On the horizon is an update that many have eagerly anticipated. The conditional properties feature, once launched, is set to redefine user experiences. By allowing dependencies based on user input (like choosing a country will determine the subsequent state/province options), it aligns with systems like Salesforce. Its implementation will be a watershed moment for enhancing data input accuracy and user convenience.

Stay Updated & Engaged 

The underlying theme of our webinar is a call for businesses to engage with these changes actively. Testing beta versions, providing feedback, and understanding the depth of these features ensures you extract maximum value from the platform. Our webinar recap is a treasure trove of insights, learnings, and foresight geared for you to stay on track with these transformative changes. Watch our recording and keep your business at the forefront of CRM advancements!

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