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🤖 Embracing Change: HubSpot's Leap into AI-Driven Marketing

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The buying and selling landscape is rapidly changing due to a shifting economy and an apparent AI revolution. Riding this wave, HubSpot launched a series of AI tools at INBOUND 2023 to transform customer engagement. Their "HubSpot AI" suite boosts productivity, harnesses data, and deepens customer relationships with features like AI Assistants, AI Agents, AI Insights, and ChatSpot. Let's dive into the new AI capabilities!

Two Dominant AI Perspectives at INBOUND 

inbound 2023 recapFirst, it's interesting to note that we found two strong schools of thought on AI while attending INBOUND in Boston in September:

1. Volume and Variety with AI: AI isn't just smart—it's prolific. Generative AI lets marketers craft content on an unprecedented scale tailored to different SEO scenarios, locations, and audiences.

2. Standing Out in an AI-Saturated World: As AI becomes the norm, standing out becomes the challenge. Neil Patel's talk illuminated this, emphasizing the necessity for unique, research-backed content. Think case studies, vertical-specific narratives, and genuine insights.

Why AI Matters: The Trio of Advantages

Beyond gimmicks, what does AI give us by way of marketing and sales tools? What goals guide HubSpot's AI development?

1. Superior UX: AI-backed tools like chatbots promise a tailored user experience, translating to improved conversion rates.

2. Peak Efficiency: When AI handles tasks like content creation and report compilation, teams are free to strategize.

3. Future-Proof Decisions: Predictive analytics offer foresight into evolving trends, ensuring businesses remain ahead.

HubSpot's New AI Features

HubSpot's new AI features deliver powerful opportunities in content generation, operations, and reporting. [NOTE: Access to below features depends on your HubSpot subscription level.]

HubSpot's Digital Content Evolution: AI at the Helm 

How we create, edit, and distribute digital content is transforming. With AI-driven tools, the challenge of generating compelling content is made simpler and more efficient. HubSpot is at the forefront of this change, with features designed to streamline the content creation process.

Spotlight on Features:

  • AI Chatbot: Seamlessly integrate your website and Knowledge Base to allow Chatbot to scan content and answer customer queries, enhancing user experience, and reducing operational costs.
  • AI Subject Line Generator: HubSpot's tool enables content creators to swiftly generate email subject lines, tailoring them to the content of an email. Users get the luxury of choosing from three suggested subject lines, all available on both desktop and the HubSpot mobile app.

  • AI-Generated Social Copy Within Blog Editor: This is a game-changer for marketers. They can now draft social media posts without leaving the blog editor, enhancing multitasking capabilities.

  • AI-Powered Blog Posts Generator with Semrush Data: Say goodbye to writer's block. This tool, powered by ChatGPT and Semrush keyword data, aids in churning out blog post topics, titles, descriptions, and even detailed outlines.

  • AI Content Assistant Features: HubSpot doesn't stop at text. They've delved deep into all aspects of content with their AI Content Assistant tools:

    • One Click Title and Meta Description Generation: With a click, generate SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions that reflect the essence of the page content.
    • Image Generation: A novel approach to image creation, this feature crafts images based on specific prompts or contexts.
    • Slash and Highlight Commands for Text Editors: Content creators can birth blog outlines, ideas, or conclusions. Plus, they can tweak text—rewriting, shortening, expanding, or altering its tone.

  • Content Assistant on Mobile: Mobility is the new norm. HubSpot's mobile app now boasts AI features, enabling users to effortlessly compose emails on the go.

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Operations and Reporting: AI-Driven Insights 

HubSpot understands the importance of data-driven decisions in today's businesses. With their new suite of AI tools, interpreting and acting on data has never been easier.

Spotlight on Features:

  • HubSpot Website Builder: Enable users to create SEO-optimized, visually appealing websites quickly through a few prompts, eliminating the need for technical expertise and enhancing user engagement.
  • AI Forecasting: Allow sales managers to compare manual revenue predictions with AI-powered projections, analyzing historical data to provide best and worst-case scenarios for monthly outcomes, with early tests showing up to a 95% increase in accuracy.
AI HubSpot forecast


  • Operations Hub AI-Assisted Report Description: Add or edit descriptions on reports seamlessly with the aid of AI, ensuring your reports are as clear as they are comprehensive.

  • AI-Generated Reports: Instead of sifting through heaps of data, ask a question and let Generative AI create the perfect report to address your business inquiries.

  • AI-Generated Workflow Descriptions: Workflows are integral, but deciphering them can be a chore. HubSpot's AI feature automatically generates workflow descriptions, sparing users the manual effort, and they can fine-tune these descriptions as needed. 

The Practicality of AI  - We Have the Answers! 

A lot of marketers and business startups are really trying to wrap their heads around some of the nuances of current AI tools. We had several live questions about AI during our recent INBOUND 2023 Webinar Recap, which we answer here:  

QUESTION: Many are concerned that marketers might repeatedly produce similar content due to generative AI tools. How do you envision ensuring distinctiveness in content while leveraging AI?

ORANGE MARKETING: Generative AI tools can create a risk of homogenization if used indiscriminately. However, marketers can cut through the noise by using AI as a tool to enhance creativity rather than replace it. By incorporating unique brand voices, audience insights, and original data into the AI's learning, marketers can ensure content remains fresh and relevant. Moreover, combining human intuition with AI analysis can lead to richer, more engaging content.

QUESTION: It all seems so over-engineered. How do you foresee customization within CRMs working in line with Generative AI tools like ChatSpot? Can we customize the bot—but then you're not really saving time?

ORANGE MARKETING: Customization within CRMs using Generative AI will likely become more streamlined. While the initial setup and customization might seem time-consuming, the long-term benefits include improved customer interactions and quicker response times. Customizing a bot to align with specific business needs ensures that the customer experience is consistent and tailored. Over time, this initial investment can save significant time as the AI handles more queries efficiently.

QUESTION: How do you foresee using custom reporting with AI reporting? It seems rubbish at the moment. 

ORANGE MARKETING: AI-driven reporting is still in its evolutionary phase, and while some current implementations may not meet all needs, the potential is vast. As the technology matures, custom reporting with AI should provide more insightful, real-time, and actionable data. Continuous feedback and real-world testing will refine these systems. Collaborating with AI developers and vendors is crucial to help them improve the tool.

QUESTION: How does this all work with Lead Scoring?

ORANGE MARKETING: AI can greatly enhance lead scoring by quickly analyzing vast amounts of data. It evaluates the potential of leads based on behaviors, interactions, and other data points that manual processes may overlook or deem insignificant. By incorporating AI, businesses can prioritize high-value leads more accurately and allocate resources more efficiently.

QUESTION: Do you recommend sandbox first?

ORANGE MARKETING: Yes, using a sandbox environment first is highly recommended. It allows businesses to test the AI tools, train them, and refine their responses without directly impacting the customer experience. Once you're satisfied with the AI's performance, you can integrate it into the live environment.

QUESTION: Can you train the AI bot if you don't like the answer?

ORANGE MARKETING: Absolutely. Most sophisticated AI bots learn and improve over time. If you're dissatisfied with a response, you can provide feedback, input the correct information, or adjust the training data. This continuous training ensures that the AI bot remains aligned with your brand's voice and objectives and, over time, provides more accurate and helpful responses.

Get the Deets on HubSpot New Releases!

For a deep dive into the key product announcements from INBOUND 2023, check out the official recap. The future is AI-driven, and it's exhilarating!

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