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An Unstoppable Team - Orange Marketing Looks Back on an Amazing 2021

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We closed the year out with a bang! We welcomed new team members, pulled our remote team from across the country together for the first time with a face-to-face 😱 holiday celebration, won industry awards, and released incredible marketing and sales material.

New Faces! 

cristinaIn May, we welcomed Marketing Automation Consultant Cristina Torres Martinez to our group. Based in Austin, Cristina is responsible for executing, optimizing, and fixing SEO issues on our clients' front-end development.  




marika strandAnd November saw the arrival of our first official Project Manager, Marika Strand, who recently moved from Brisbane, Qld Australia, to Vancouver, Canada. Marika has a background in non-profit and software/tech and as we continue to grow, her passion for process, operations, and making businesses run better is going to be invaluable.  

All up, our team works out of Pennsylvania, Miami, Arizona, Vancouver, Spain, and throughout Southern California.

Orange Marketing 2021 Awards

We are grateful to celebrate several key recognitions last year!

diamond-badge-color_2HubSpot DIAMOND Solutions Partner 

Our rewards began in May when we achieved the diamond tier level in HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program. At the time, Kelsey remarked best why we received the status:

"Rapidly growing SaaS organizations need our services and seek out our award-winning marketing strategy and tactical execution.

We’ve built a reputation for our inbound and outbound practice area through unmatched customer results and satisfaction."

Davey-17-SILVER (1)-1

The Davey Awards

We received two silvers in the Davey Awards in early November, as presented by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. 

The awards were in the categories of:

marcom awards 2021MarCom Awards 

But we weren't done yet! Later that month, we proudly received platinum and two golds in the MarCom Awards

The awards, which honor excellence in marketing and communications and are judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), singled out efforts in digital website marketing and ebook and blog post content creation.

B2B Sales & Marketing Ebooks - Please grab your copy!

We created soooo much exciting content to help people like our clients in 2021, from ebooks to blog post how-to's with template downloadables.

And like State Farm, "we've seen a thing or two", having helped hundreds of early-stage SaaS B2Bs—and companies who have fallen into stagnant sales and desperately need better sales and marketing integrations and actionable tactics. 

Check these out!

B2B Sales & Marketing Ebooks:

b2b salesThe Truth About B2B Sales - Before you hire your first sales rep, read this!

This ebook is for B2B founders getting ready to bring on a formal sales role and executives frustrated with deal creation and predictability in their sales pipeline.

Download the Ebook



b2b marketing

The Truth About B2B Marketing - This ebook will answer the 4 questions we receive most about B2B marketing:

  • Whom can it help?
  • How does it work?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

Download the Ebook


b2b email deliverabilityThe Truth About B2B Email Deliverability - This ebook shows you how to run better email campaigns that win you more business!

Learn B2B Email best practices, industry terms, and email metrics.

Download the Ebook

And hot off the presses is our latest case study!



Isos Technology Sales & Marketing Tech Stack Consolidation - If you want a glimpse into how we implement aggressive sales and marketing integrations and processes and educate clients on keeping the momentum going as business scales—you absolutely must read this case study.

This case study is an excellent representation of how we do what we do best!

Download Case Study

Our Top 4 Sales & Marketing Blog Posts for 2021

We had several well-trafficked posts in 2021 covering sales, marketing, and HubSpot best practices.

Check them out:

  1. Top Components of a Lead Generating B2B Website - How to make sure your B2B website is generating new leads and revenue for your business.  
    NOTE: We also have a terrific resource from 2020, complete with a downloadable to help you plan out website messaging - See
    The Website Messaging Template That WILL Improve Lead Conversions 

  2. Why Lead Scoring is Bad for Startups - How can you get the most out of the sales leads you pay for? Many use lead scoring, but that strategy comes with inherent risks. There is a MUCH better way!

  3. SEO: Still the Best Long Game in Town - SEO gets a bad rap, but a lot of people don’t understand it’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. Approach it with patience and you’ll see the results!

  4. How to Send Automated Recurring Emails Using HubSpot Workflow - What is the trick to sending recurring emails in HubSpot? Engineer a clever set of workflows. All is revealed - (A HubSpot Community Blog Post Contest Winner!)

End of year party time!

If two co-founders deserved an end-of-year party with their team more than Rebecca Gonzalez and Kelsey Galarza, well, I don't know 'em.

In just four years, Rebecca & Kelsey have pulled strong, reliable talent from all over the country and crafted a business that serves a specific niche exceptionally well. 

Orange guides SaaS startups taking their baby steps into creating sales and marketing processes–as well as established B2Bs who desperately need a refresher–perfect their strategies, train their people, and move them on their way to scale and grow.

And 2021 was when the Orange team all got to meet in person!!

We all came together for the first time for a unique holiday dinner in Newport Beach.



Two amazing chefs, Chef & Baker Kryssie Tinsay & Executive Chef Don Cherry, who collaborate in For the Love of Food: Flavors of Fall, a pop-up dinner series, took care of us throughout the evening.  

Not only was the food divine, but the chefs introduced and thoroughly described each course as it was served, creating a special experience.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the trip down 2021 memory lane with me! And stay connected with us for 2022.

We'd love to keep you updated with our latest tips and let you know when we release more ebooks - subscribe to our blog and we'll stay in touch!

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