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πŸ† Orange Marketing Wins Platinum and Gold In 2021 MarCom Awards

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πŸ† Orange Marketing Wins Platinum and Gold In 2021 MarCom Awards

Orange Marketing garners big wins at the coveted 2021 MarCom Awards, and was recognized for exceptional content and website design!

Hot on the heels of our Silver wins at the Davey Awards for Best Practices in Website Development and Branded Digital Campaigns, we are excited to announce that Orange Marketing's light shined bright in the following categories at this year's MarCom Awards:

Orange Marketing
2021 MarCom Awards




Digital Media  Website Marketing/PR/ Advertising Agency

Orange Marketing Website

platinum award for digital media

Digital Media 

The Truth About B2B Marketing


gold award for ebook

Digital Media  Web Writing - Blog
(Single Post)

How to Send Automated Recurring Emails Using
HubSpot Workflows

gold award blog writing

Digital Media  Website 

FreightPOP (Client) Website

Honorable Mention


Entries receiving scores of 90-100 are Platinum Winners. Scores of 80-89 are Gold Winners and 70-79 are Honorable Mention Winners. 

Why MarCom?

The MarCom Awards honors excellence in marketing and communication and are judged by the prestigious Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).  Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talents exceed a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. There were over 6,000 entries from throughout the United States, Canada, and over 39 other countries in the 2021 Marcom Awards competition.

About our MarCom Award Wins

  • MarCom Platinum Win - Digital Media Website Marketing β€” Our highest win at the MarComs was for the development of our Orange Marketing Website! When our website needed to be freshened up to best represent our company, of course, we turned to the HubSpot CMS. We worked hard to align the messaging with our service capabilities and company culture/values, and implemented a clean look and feel, with the content we feel is important to any B2B (case studies, white papers, articles, and news). The elements we incorporated to support our branding are also something we repeat for our SaaS B2B clients. We are thorough and knowledgeable in website marketing as we have repeated this process time and time again.  

    MarCom's Platinum Award is presented to those entries judged to be among the most outstanding entries in the competition. Platinum Winners are recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity, and resourcefulness. About 17 percentwon this award.

  • MarCom Gold Win - Digital Ebook β€” This now award-winning B2B instructional, The Truth About B2B Marketing, is the first in our ongoing series for SaaS startups and those looking to revamp their marketing and sales efforts. This popular ebook takes you through the ins and outs of B2B marketing, as witnessed through countless examples we have had with B2B clients and startupsβ€”we show you what other agencies won't tell you!

    The Gold Award is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. Approximately 24 percent were Gold Winners.

    We followed this ebook with The Truth About B2B Email Deliverability and The Truth About B2B Sales

  • MarCom Gold Win - Digital Media Blog (Single Post) β€” This is a content recognition award for our blog post How to Send Automated Recurring Emails Using HubSpot Workflows, which was initially posted on and received a 2021 HubSpot First Place Winner Award.

    As HubSpot Diamond Partners, we often write how-to's, taking users through the system's amazing functionality. This post gives step-by-step instructions on how to best manage the desired email cadence with prospects based on a set of triggers.

  • MarCom Honorable Mention - Digital Media B2B Website β€” This designation nods to our B2B website relaunch for transportation software client FreightPOP. The project included a complete rebranding, with the client's overall messaging, visual branding, and user experience revamped. The fresh look has performed exceptionally well, with search volumes going up significantly after the relaunch.
    Honorable Mention certificates are granted to those entries who meet the expectations of the judges. Approximately 10 percent were Honorable Mention winners.

Thank you MarCom Awards!

We'd like to thank the AMCP and MarCom Awards team for arranging the 2021 awards and for giving us an opportunity to show what we do best!


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