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4 Of Our Favorite New HubSpot Product Updates for January 2022

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As a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, we take weekly stock of what goodies HubSpot rolls out. Late last year, HubSpot released four features we particularly love.

Two of these give more control of meeting options, one allows customer objects properties in forms, and the fourth gives you a new time zone option for contacts!

Here's the breakdown of each one:

#1 Specific Meeting Times

Now it is easier for you to set meetings with prospects and customers! With Sales and Service access, HubSpot lets you send specific meeting time options in an email instead of just a general meeting link. The email recipient can then choose a time that fits their schedule and set the meeting.

hubspot meeting schedule tools

What we Really Like
Now, the whole old-school argument we constantly hear from sales teams that "it's rude" to send meeting links and ask folks to set a meeting up for themselves is moot! No more back and forth emails just to set up a call! This feature lets you save everyone's time and potentially avoid emails that go missing.

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#2 Cancel & Reschedule Meetings

Another knock out of the park! With cancellation and reschedule tools now available for meeting invitees, you can cut down on even more unnecessary emails. This functionality is similar to what Calendly offers and people are increasingly getting used to using it.

Before the introduction of this feature, a meeting invitee could only decline a proposed time and request a different time. This feature allows them to readily alter a meeting.

hubspot cancel and reschedule meeting tools

What we Really Like
This is a big deal for sales reps that cuts down on meeting scheduling admin by allowing contacts to "self-serve." If a prospect needs to cancel a meeting, they can now easily select another time that works with their calendar from the list they can see of your availability.

#3 Custom Objects Properties in Forms

Until HubSpot made this change, only put contact properties could be put inside forms. However, businesses often care about a property related to the contact’s company instead. For example, they may need to know hotel room booking details or descriptions of a broken product.

Custom Objects Properties in Forms

What we Really Like
This feature eliminates makes it a lot easier to capture company or other information when a form is submitted.

Prior to the launch of this functionality, capturing this information required creating two identical properties, one for the contact and one for the company or other object. When a form was submitted, the information would be entered into the contact property and then copied using a workflow.

Being able to use the company property directly eliminates the need for extra properties and workflows.

#4 Contact Time Zone Property

Another update to help make life easier for sales reps is the ability to organize and group contacts by time zone. This is a customizable dropdown select property with over 500 predefined time zones options.

HubSpot indicates their eventual goal here is to give sales reps the tools to filter and sort by time zone, including on the HubSpot task app.

What we Really Like
Traditionally, we've had to do workarounds to indicate useful time zone information to sales teams.

How to See Hubspot's Product Updates

Wondering where can you find the list of HubSpot's recent product updates?

Log into HubSpot and look for the Product Updates option in the the drop-down to the far top right of your screen.

hubspot product updates


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