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The Power Of HubSpot For Early Stage Startups: Why HubSpot Is Our Preferred Platform

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When we decided to launch our marketing agency, we had a clear goal: to help early-stage startups grow and succeed. Having worked in startups, we knew first-hand the unique challenges of operating in that fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 

Our approach is to work WITH startups, not FOR them. This way, we can help startups build their go-to-market capabilities from the ground up. We knew that creating a sales and marketing stack and process from the ground up is a one-time “transaction." You need creators to come up with ideas, and you need people who are doers to run the process. It's challenging to find one person that can do both. If you hire a creator, often they're not able to or content implementing once the creating is done. Conversely, if you employ a doer, they have to learn how to create, which sometimes is beyond their capability or takes too long.

For us to make this one-time setup “transaction” efficient AND something that a doer could run, we needed to find the right tools and technology stack.

HubSpot's Platform

After research and consideration, the decision was clear: HubSpot was the solution. The all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform offered the high leverage we needed to make a real difference in our client startups. With HubSpot, one blog post could be used to schedule social media posts, kick off a newsletter, and much more. The platform made it easy to streamline and automate marketing tasks, freeing time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

We wanted to ensure all tools worked together without a lot of overhead so a client's team could spend their energy creating content, developing new marketing programs, creating nurture flows, and following up on sales leads. And now, with advances like ChatGPT (an advanced AI chatbot trained by OpenAI which interacts in a conversational way), continuing to generate sales leads with inbound marketing using the system we set up for our clients is even easier.

We also know that boot-strapped or seed-stage clients have teeny budgets. We loved that HubSpot for Startups makes it highly palatable to get the tools to start right, with no compromises, at a massive discount (90% off for the first year for qualified customers 🤯)

HubSpot's Value System

But HubSpot's value system was what sealed the deal. HubSpot's Culture Code includes things like “solve for the customer”, "don't block the exit," and "sunlight is the best disinfectant." These aligned perfectly with the values that Orange Marketing has adopted for our company. This alignment meant that Orange Marketing and HubSpot were committed to creating a positive, supportive environment for our clients, employees, and partners.

We can offer our clients the tools and support they need to succeed by choosing HubSpot as our preferred go-to-market platform. First, we offer best practices for sales prospecting, lead development, content marketing and promotion, and more. Then we build the platform FOR our clients in 90 days, customized to their specific business needs. During this time, we light the fire by creating custom, high-quality content that resonates with our client’s target audience, and the results speak for themselves. When our implementation is complete, we’re ready to hand off to an internal team or a new hire through a series of thorough trainings and toolkits.

The results of using HubSpot have been outstanding for Orange Marketing and our clients. Thanks to the power of HubSpot's all-in-one platform, startups are seeing a significant increase in website traffic, engagement, and conversions. Orange Marketing's clients also enjoy a more streamlined, efficient marketing process, freeing up time and resources to focus on other areas of our business.

Orange Marketing's commitment to helping early-stage startups is paying off. Orange Marketing makes a real difference in the startup community by working with startups, not for them.

What Startups Are Saying...

Steve Henning"If you are a tech startup like Bitvore, with limited internal marketing resources, you could not find a better marketing partner. Orange Marketing delivers results!"


- Steve Henning
CMO, Amberdata

michael stalder"Kelsey, Rebecca and team have been enormously helpful with overhauling our entire S&M function. They migrated our CRM, broadened our brand on key digital channels, and refined our messaging to optimize engagement & conversion of leads."

- Michael Stalder

"steve cookWe are a startup, and they helped us set up our marketing and sales "infrastructure" with HubSpot and developed some initial content so we can be successful going forward."   

- Steve Cook
COO, WrkSpot

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