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Top HubSpot Updates - Monday Recap - May 6, 2024

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Top HubSpot Updates for the past week ending May 6, 2024:

  • AI-Powered Guided Actions for Prospecting, 
  • Custom Tracking Domains for Sales & Service Email, 
  • Configure Workflows from Lead Settings.

AI-Powered Guided Actions for Prospecting

AI-Powered Guided Actions represent a prioritized workflow for a salesperson. Guided Actions track buyer engagement and monitor lead data across HubSpot and give reps a prioritized list of actions to optimize for building pipeline.

AI-Powered Guided Actions For Prospecting

How Does It Work?

Check out a demo of Guided Actions here.

The initial set of Guided Actions include:

  • Newly assigned leads
  • Engaged leads
  • Leads associate to target accounts with engagement
  • High-priority tasks
  • Prep for upcoming meeting
  • Emails awaiting reply from leads
  • Log call outcomes
  • Log meeting outcomes
  • Execute sequence tasks
  • Previously disqualified leads that have re-engaged

Custom tracking domains for sales and service email

You can now connect a domain to HubSpot for the "Sales & service email (tracking)" content type. This domain will be used in the open and click tracking links generated for emails sent via personal and team emails in the CRM, or using the Track option with the Sales Extensions, as well as unsubscribe links.

How Does It Work?

Follow the instructions to connect a new domain or to add a new content type to an existing domain.

Custom Tracking Domains For Sales And Service Email

Choose the new option for "Sales & Service Email (tracking)" as the content type.

Custom Tracking Domains For Sales And Service Email


After completing the flow successfully, you will see the domain listed as connected.

Custom Tracking Domains For Sales And Service Email


Your domain will automatically be used for all tracking and unsubscribe links in emails sent from your portal's connected personal and team emails, as well as the Sales Extensions!

If your domain is disconnected, emails will be sent with the default tracking domains again.

Configure Workflows From Lead Settings

Customers of the lead object can now easily create and edit workflows directly from lead settings!


Configure Workflows From Lead Settings

How Does it Work?

Lead automation can save your reps time and encourage good data hygiene in your portal. Now you can easily configure these workflows while also adjusting other lead automation settings that impact your portal.

HubSpot Tips for B2Bs

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