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The Ultimate Tech Stack - HubSpot Service Hub Combined With Sales And Marketing Hubs

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Whether you’re looking to implement a customer service support system for the first time or are exploring migrating from an existing Help Desk system like ZenDesk or Freshdesk, HubSpot Service Hub offers a robust solution designed to enhance your customer support operations.

On its own, Service Hub leverages HubSpot’s powerful automation and reporting capabilities to make it easy for service teams to process and respond to customer support inquiries and for leadership to keep track of the performance and effectiveness of their support system.

Powerful Service Hub Features

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In addition to its easy-to-use ticketing system, Service Hub includes a knowledge base and several other powerful features, including:

  • Ticket Routing and Processing Automation: Use HubSpot’s automation capabilities to customize your ticket routing and processing to suit your business needs. Ticket stages and properties are fully customizable and can be set up for multiple ticket pipelines.

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  • Prepared Answers with Snippets: Service Hub makes it easy for your support teams to use prepared answers for common questions through its Snippets feature, reducing response times and ensuring consistency.
  • Generative AI Assistance: Built-in generative AI that can assist representatives in crafting personalized responses to support inquiries, making your team more efficient.
  • AI Chatbot: An AI chatbot that can be trained on your knowledge base to answer customer inquiries that don’t need human intervention, freeing up your support team for more complex issues.
  • Customer Feedback Surveys: Collect and analyze customer feedback directly within HubSpot to continuously improve your support services.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Create dashboards tailored to your specific metrics and KPIs, giving you a clear view of your support team’s performance.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Manage customer inquiries from multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media—all from one unified platform and in one Help Desk channel.

The Power of Service Hub Combined with Sales Hub

The full power of Service Hub comes out when it’s combined with Sales Hub and forms a powerful tag-team for acquiring and growing customer accounts. Use cases for the combined systems include:

  • Making the Sales to Service Handoff Seamless: Automate the transition from sales to service when a deal is closed, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for new customers and reducing the risk of miscommunication.
  • Identifying Upsell Opportunities and Automating Outreach: Use surveys to identify happy customers who may be open to upsell offers. Leverage Sales Hub’s automation to notify the account owner and automatically trigger the outreach process.
  • Proactive Outreach to Unhappy Customers: Service Hub can also alert the sales team when a customer is unhappy or has too many issues with your product that require support assistance, allowing them to proactively communicate and manage the relationship, reducing the likelihood of churning.

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With Marketing Hub added to the mix, you can get a complete 360-degree view of your customers in one place, making it easier for your marketing team to run customer-focused projects, such as identifying suitable candidates for review-gathering campaigns or case studies.

Implement Service Hub Confidently with Orange Marketing

Understandably, your support process is too important to risk a poorly executed transition. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Customer Support implementation service to ensure you get Service Hub set up to match your needs and fully functional before switching from your existing platform or email/spreadsheet solution.

Our Service Hub implementation process includes:

  1. Design & Build: We meet with your support team to collect their requirements and review the implementation of your existing support system, including ticket routing, reporting, SLAs, and more. We’ll then design and build your Service Hub implementation to meet those needs and suggest improvements we identify.
  2. Testing & Training: We’ll test your Service Hub implementation to ensure tickets are routed properly, and all automation works as expected. Once everyone feels confident that everything is functioning, we’ll train your team to use the new system effectively.
  3. Data Migration: We’ll import your existing ticket and customer data into HubSpot, if desired, to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

Request a free consultation to learn more about HubSpot Service Hub and its capabilities, how it ties in with Sales Hub and Marketing Hub, the benefits of transferring your entire customer experience to one system, and how Orange Marketing can make the transition smooth for your organization!