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How to Win a HubSpot Impact Award 🏆 and Why It Matters

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Do you ever want something so badly that you could almost taste it? Frankly, this has been our obsession with the HubSpot Impact Awards. Please enjoy our "winning the award" backstory (our version of Inside the Actors Studio for our fellow HubSpot agencies).

We believe in awards. We tell our customers to enter every award competition that they can find that applies to them or their industry. Awards offer solid proof that your company is legit and reassure your prospect that you are a good choice. We tell our customers it doesn't matter if it is "pay to play" (awards where the entry price is a revenue generator for the award). We preach, "An award is an award is an award." 

Welp we lied. Just a tiny bit. Over time, we have entered our marketing programs, websites and content into "pay to play awards." And won and won and won. But the HubSpot Impact Awards have always eluded us. 

Why did we care? The HubSpot Impact Awards are SUPER LEGIT. They are not pay to play, and are objectively judged with excellent and transparent feedback provided by Hubspot, a company whose opinion we value and appreciate. Frankly, we wanted validation from our hero, HubSpot.

So we have tried to win an Impact Award four times over three years. And we have joked to our HubSpot Channel Account Manager and Strategic Channel Consultant that it is impossible to win, but yes, we will put entering on our 2021 goals.

And the fourth time was the charm. By repeatedly entering and ANALYZING our results, we started to understand what HubSpot was looking for and could then select precisely the correct Case Study to submit.

We re-read all our judge's previous scores and comments and edited our existing case study down to the required 1,000 words from about 1,400 (not easy). We made sure we structured the case study flow in a way that emphasized long-term results. Since we submitted it at the last minute, we could not include a customer video. We knew we would be graded down without a video, but we had a really good quote from him, as we had long ago bugged our case study client to submit a review on the HubSpot Partner Directory (another best practice with all your happy clients).

After entry #3, were we discouraged? Yes. Were the scoring results sometimes contradictory? Yes (read for yourself). Did we enter this final case study with a "what the hell" attitude on Dec-31-2021, the last day for 4th quarter entries when we should have been dressing up for a canceled New Year's party? Absolutely. And did we think that the 4th quarter might be a good time to enter with our nemesis competitors distracted by the holidays? Maybe.  🙄

Was it worth it? YES. We now have an Award that reflects our learnings over the past four years, our client's success, and appreciation from the software company that we devote our energy. We don't sell or maintain any other CRM and Marketing-Sales-Website-Services software. Validation of our business strategy means a lot. 

Finally, now we can publish a press release (see below) telling everyone what rock stars we are and get another inbound link from a paid PR site (yay, again who cares if paid).

If you are a HubSpot agency that continues to struggle with the elusive HubSpot Impact Awards. Don't give up. It's the journey that matters, not the destination. Like in almost everything. 


Newport Beach, Calif., (PRWeb)
February 7, 2022


Today, Orange Marketing announced that it has been named a winner in the Marketing category in HubSpot’s Q4 2021 Impact Awards. HubSpot, a leading CRM platform for scaling companies, uses the award to recognize members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers grow better.

Case Study Isos Tech StackOrange Marketing submitted a case study regarding a stunning consolidation of a complex sales and marketing tech stack onto HubSpot, which increased the client’s Closed/Won Revenue associated with Marketing Qualified Leads by 38%. 

“Our solutions partners play such a pivotal role in helping scaling companies around the world grow better,” said Brian Garvey, VP Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot.

“Orange Marketing has demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of their customers. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I want to congratulate Orange Marketing and the other Impact Award winners on this exciting achievement.”

The Impact Awards are given every quarter in five categories:

  • Grow Better: Sales
  • Grow Better: Marketing
  • Grow Better: Service
  • Integrations Innovation
  • Website Design

All winners are recognized in the Impact Awards Hall of Fame.

Said Rebecca Gonzalez, Co-Founder Orange Marketing, “We have worked hard over the past four years to grow Orange Marketing strategically, focusing on our customer’s success. We are excited HubSpot recognized this case study in particular as it demonstrates our emphasis on marketing that generates revenue results.”

About Orange Marketing

Orange Marketing specializes in sales, marketing and services implementation for B2B software and technology companies with a unique focus on start-ups. Founded in 2018, Orange Marketing is a fully remote team with colleagues throughout the United States and with partner relationships worldwide. Orange Marketing is headquartered in California and holds more than 70 HubSpot Certifications. For more information, visit

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orange marketing winner in hubspot impact awards

orange marketing winner in hubspot impact awards