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Amberdata and Isos Technology, OM Clients, Take Bronze Stevie International Business Awards

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We are thrilled to congratulate our clients, Amberata and Isos Technology, who received Bronze-level award recognition in the Stevie® 2023 International Business Awards®!

  • Amberdata:  Marketing Campaign of the Year - Financial Products & Services - Ebook: The Digital Asset Data Guide for Financial Professionals
  • Isos Technology:  Corporate & Community - B2B Events - Atlassian Team 2023

More than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry, in 61 nations, were evaluated in this year’s competition. Winners were determined by the average scores of more than 230 professionals worldwide.


Reflecting on these impressive achievements, we are inspired by the feedback from the judging panel.


Amberdata, the leading provider of digital asset data

Campaign Submitted

Marketing Campaign of the Year - Financial Products & Services - Ebook: The Digital Asset Data Guide for Financial Professionals

Amberdata launched the Digital Asset Guide for Financial Professionals campaign on February 14, 2022. The main content, an eBook, was launched via a blog post, a website pillar page, in Amberdata’s eNewsletter, website popups, paid media and partner marketing.

The campaign was designed around an eBook, The Digital Asset Data Guide for Financial Professionals, to help solidify Amberdata as a thought leader in the digital asset space. Amberdata worked hard to ensure this first piece of content they created when they began formal marketing of their SaaS product educated institutional investors on the need for solid data to succeed in the previously unknown arena of the digital asset class such as cryptocurrencies.      

The campaign was designed to: 

  • Boost Amberdata's website ranking and establish industry authority on digital assets for web search engines.
  • Create brand recognition around Amberdata in the digital asset data community.
  • Equip the sales team with an outreach tool for prospects.
  • Create sales leads via form submission, a “trade” for contact information.
  • Provide an asset for paid media partnerships, paid social, and general online advertising.

Read Amberdata's Stevie Awards submission here (we have edited it to protect confidential information).

Judge's Feedback

Demonstrated strategic planning, effective execution, strong lead generation capabilities, and significant business impact through customer acquisition. This shows a strategic approach to positioning the brand and gaining recognition in the industry. 

Well-planned and executed, effectively achieving its goals of establishing the company as a thought leader in the digital asset space, generating leads, and improving brand recognition. 

The SEO performance has been notably successful, securing a top organic search result ranking. The multi-faceted approach using blog posts, website pop-ups, landing pages, and partner relationships exhibits a well-planned and executed campaign. The supporting materials further validate these achievements. Keep up the good work, Amberdata.

This entry is a great example of how quality of content wins over quantity of content. The results they have achieved with a single e-book are super impressive.

Isos Technology

Isos Technology, a leading Atlassian Platinum Solution & Enterprise Partner

Campaign Submitted

Corporate & Community - B2B Events - Atlassian Team 2023

Isos Technology, a five-time Atlassian Partner of the Year award recipient, attended and sponsored the annual Atlassian Team 23 conference in Las Vegas in April 2023. The multi-day, in-person and digital event brought industry experts, innovators, and thinkers in ITSM, DevOps & Agile, and Work Management together for an unrivaled teamwork experience.

With a hefty investment in the conference and surrounding activities, Isos Technology spent months preparing and defining the following goals:

  • Acquire new leads (called Marketing Qualified MQLs at Isos). 
  • Isos Participation: Engage proactively at the booth, attend Isos activities
  • Engage current customers both in having them provide feedback as well as honoring their support of Isos with a special VIP dinner
  • Participate in four speaking sessions to position Isos as thought leaders in Atlassian solutions
  • Win an Atlassian Partner of the Year award

Read Isos Technologies Stevie Awards submission here (we have edited to protect confidential information).

Judge's Feedback

The nomination showcases a well-planned and executed B2B event that resulted in remarkable success. The goals set for the event were ambitious, and the company not only met but exceeded them, acquiring new leads and fostering collaborations. 

The comprehensive event participation, including being a Platinum Sponsor, speaker in both in-person and digital sessions, and hosting various supporting events, demonstrated Isos Technology's strong commitment to the event's success. 

The use of various marketing strategies, such as emails, blog posts, press releases, webinars, and extensive social media coverage, contributed to the event's reach and engagement, further showcasing the company's marketing prowess. With outstanding metrics and a direct impact on Isos Technology's business, including winning the Atlassian Partner of the Year award and impressive registration and attendee rates for the post-show webinar, the event proved to be highly effective in achieving its objectives. 

Congratulations on a highly successful event! Your blogging strategy and the webinar follow-up are really top-notch.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Well done, Amberdata and Isos Technology!

We strongly believe in submitting for any awards possible in your industry, vertical, and company business practice (like finance, marketing, and engineering). And, we can only lead by example. When looking through our client's for possible award winners, we looked towards multi-pronged executions with solid lead and revenue goals AND results.

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Elevating Your Professional Presence With The Impact Of Awards

Here is our two cents on the subject of awards.

When you're a startup or small business, submitting for an award may not always be top of mind. But the nomination process often pays off as a win can bring numerous benefits to a small company. Here are five reasons why entering your business is a good idea:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: Winning an award adds credibility to your company's name and helps build a positive reputation. It signals to customers, investors, and partners that your business has been recognized for excellence.
  2. Positive Publicity: Awards often come with free or inexpensive media coverage and public recognition. This exposure allows you to reach a wide audience and attract new opportunities with limited marketing dollars.
  3. Boost Employee Morale: Acknowledging your company's accomplishments validates your employees’ hard work and dedication, boosting morale and motivation. 
  4. Attract Top Talent: An award-winning company is seen as an attractive workplace, appealing to the best talent who value being a part of a successful organization.
  5. Long-Term Impact: Even after the initial excitement fades, your award remains a testament to your company’s excellence, and lasting impact on your reputation. 
  6. Inbound Links: Yes, you'll likely get an inbound link from the highly credible awards website page.

Overall, awards commemorate diligent effort and achievement, resulting in opportunities for positive publicity.

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