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6 Powerful Ways B2B Companies Are Using QR Codes

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Once written off for dead, QR codes have experienced a worldwide resurgence in the last couple of years. With just about everyone having scanned a QR code for one reason or another, the increased familiarity with this tool opens multiple potential use cases for promoting your business.

Think of adding a QR code to printed materials as adding a link to landing page copy. QR codes make it possible to provide a seamless experience for smartphone users and make it easier for potential customers to visit your website or contact a representative, increasing engagement and potentially speeding up the sales cycle. Using a QR code also reduces the complexity of printed materials since they don’t have to do as much work as before.

Wondering where it makes sense to use a QR code as a B2B company? Here are six ways you can leverage these powerful tools: 

1. Trade Show Materials

Be high-tech at trade shows. For many B2B companies, trade shows are a huge source of potential leads. Adding QR codes to your trade show materials makes it easy to send booth visitors to your website or a dedicated landing page, like this one from our friends at Grasp Technologies.

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This use of QR codes makes it easy get contact information, share brochures, give gifts, or even solicit reviews from customers!

QR codes also help you stand out if everyone else is still sticking to traditional paper- and pen-wielding booths without having to make a significant expenditure on tablets or other devices. And you can spend less on printed materials and the logistics needed to get them to the show.

2. Speaking Event Materials

Get more out of your speaking events. Adding a QR code to your speaking event materials provides many of the same benefits as using them for a trade show, except that a captivated audience is far more engaged than the average booth visitor!

When preparing for your next presentation, consider including a QR code in any and all of your handout materials, signage, and presentations. This gives the audience an easy way to sign up for your newsletter, learn about your products, and maybe even provide instant feedback on your speech.

Here's an example from a presentation at HubSpot's 2021 Inbound event

7 powerful QR code tips for B2B_4

You can see that this is an easy way to collect feedback, receive questions to follow up on, and stay even more connected with your audience and prospective buyers.

3. Hiring

Hire smarter. Attending a job fair or a university hiring event? Take a cue from your trade show materials and make it easy for job seekers to apply by adding a QR code to your handouts that goes directly to the job posting!

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4. Business Cards

Kick business cards up a notch. Business cards are not as in fashion as they once were, but they’re not done yet. Adding a QR code that provides instant access to your LinkedIn profile or company website considerably increases the usefulness of business cards as a networking tool in 2022.

5. Direct Mail

Make direct mail work for you! If you’re using direct mail as a marketing channel, be sure to include a QR code in your materials instead of the classic “please visit our website and enter this promo code.”

First, the QR code makes it easy for the recipient to visit your landing page (increasing the conversion rate of your mail campaign!). Second, it makes it easy for you to attribute traffic and purchases to your mail efforts, enabling you to better gauge the value of your campaign.

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6. Testimonials

Capture more testimonials. If you sell a physical product instead of a digital one, you can include a QR code in the packaging as a tool for soliciting reviews or testimonials from your customers.

If your product is digital, odds are you still send branded merchandise to customers or employees. You can include a QR code with the packaging for those as well to solicit feedback.

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