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Why Local Trade Shows are a Fantastic Investment in 2022

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We've got seven (7) great reasons why B2B SaaS companies need to double down on local events after we attended our first trade show in two and a half years.

After several years of Zoom-only meetings, on Jun 23, 2022, Kelsey and I finally crawled out from behind the Orange Curtain. We ventured to the Recurring Revenue Conference in Culver City, where we were exhibitors and ran a luncheon round table. And what a fantastic experience. Here's why B2B SaaS companies need to look closely at local events. 

1. Exhibitors stand out at smaller shows.

Spend the money to be an exhibitor because there won't be as many exhibitors as pre-covid. Orange Marketing was the ONLY marketing agency at a business conference focused on our ICP-Ideal Customer Profile (software subscription services). And we had special badges, and our logo was splayed around on signs, all for a reasonable cost. Yay.

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2. Events aren't as big as in prior years.

Which is a good thing. The people attending are motivated, and it isn't a mob scene. You can expect to have quality conversations. We honestly got excellent leads and we reached out to every single contact within minutes of collecting their data (using our proprietary local trade show follow-up methodology -- not kidding). 

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Orange Marketing Blog - Recurring Revenue Conference Jun-27-2022

3. Local means you already have a connection.

You are from the same area and generally know the same people. You already have something in common -- geography. Therefore, the conversations are just that much easier.

4. Speakers get noticed.

Any type of speaking opportunity at a conference makes you stand out. This conference had luncheon roundtables which we were able to sponsor. The idea is that conference attendees did not have to eat lunch alone and could join the topic of their choice. We led a conversation on "The Truth About B2B Marketing." The whole table participated, and everyone took something of value away. And felt that they had a meaningful lunch. 

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5. The event presenter will appreciate you.

Hey, it’s not easy running conferences in this day and age. Your event sponsor will appreciate your eagerness to attend, exhibit, and speak. In this way, you can give back and truly support the community that has done so much for you over the years.

6. Tabletop events are simple to run

Smaller events are typically tabletops (no booths). All you need is a 6’ x 4’ table-sized cloth with your logo (VistaPrint), some table signs that you print at FedEx and customize to the event, maybe a popup, and easy giveaways. We gave away Lindt chocolates, mints, and some orange pens. We were 100% popular.

Orange Marketing Blog - Recurring Revenue Conference Jun-27-2022 (1)Our tabletop! Add flowers for some pizzazz (the oldest trick in the tradeshow book)!

7. Local means no travel.

Last but not least, local events are near you or only a few hours away, at most. You don't need to deal with the cost and complexities of travel. Giant win. Send everyone (even both your founders)! 

Orange Marketing Blog - Recurring Revenue Conference Jun-27-2022 (2)Rebecca & Kelsey were caught mid-gab by the event photographers.

Do you wanna know how Orange Marketing recommends you run your local table-top show? Just contact us, and we would be glad to walk you through our process. HINT below.

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