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Top HubSpot Updates - Monday Recap - June 3, 2024

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Top HubSpot Updates for the past week ending March 11, 2024:

  • Navigation Bookmarks
  • User Object Available in Reports
  • AI Assistant for Facebook Ad Sequences
  • Performance improvements to Dashboards on Mobile [iOS and Android]
  • New Email Template Selection Page & E-Commerce Templates

Navigation Bookmarks

Up until now, we’ve had one navigation for all users. However, we recognize that whether someone is a sales rep, manager, developer, or provides customer support, all HubSpot users have unique needs based on their roles. Now, there's a way to make the navigation personalized for every user. HubSpot is introducing Bookmarks in the navigation, allowing users to personalize their experience based on frequent workflows and preferences.

navigation bookmarks - hubspot


How Does It Work?

  • Add up to five Bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon next to any secondary menu item.
  • Access your bookmarked items via the Bookmarks menu.
  • Remove items from Bookmarks by clicking on the bookmark icon either next to the menu item itself or inside of the Bookmarks menu.

User Object Available in Reports

As part of HubSpot's goal to build a solution in which Users are fully functioning CRM objects, we are making Users available in single—and multi-object Reports.

user object available in reports - hubspot

How Does It Work?

From Reports, users can now create single object reports or custom reports containing the User object. When making a report, users can filter, select, and display existing User properties to quickly gauge how a team or group of users interacts with HubSpot.

Imagine you are a Sales manager and you want to easily monitor the connectivity of your team members' email and calendar accounts. You know that having their accounts properly connected is both a sign of good app adoption and helps them close deals. You can now build a report to be put on a dashboard or schedule to be sent to you to visualize this in real time.

  1. From within a Single object report using Users, select the properties Calendar Status and Email Status. Within Filters, include your team name(s) or user email addresses.

    user object reports - hubspot

  2. When creating the visualization, include the specific statuses, like Calendar status, along with the Count of Users to easily understand the breakdown of your team.
user object reports - hubspot 2


Perhaps you want to report on both Sales activities and User data, like the count of Activities created by Team, broken down by level of Access. This can help you determine if some of your users are overprovisioned, or maybe if someone needs a higher level of permissions in order to drive more value and create more activities.

user object report - hubspot 3


AI Assistant for Facebook Ad Sequences

HubSpot users can now use AI Assistant in Ads to generate ad copy from scratch using simple prompts for Facebook ad sequences.

How Does It Work?

Navigate to Marketing > Ads and click on Create > Ad campaign. Then click on "Ad sequence".

Navigate to the "Text/Body copy" text box. You can select the blue "AI assistant" lightning bolt text and describe what your ad is about, and we will generate ad copy based on the description.

facebook ad sequences - hubspot_1


You can regenerate (up to 6 prompts), expand, or shorten the ad copy. Click "Generate more" to renew, and click on the expand or shorten icons in the top right of the text box to extend or shorten the copy.

facebook ad sequences - hubspot_2


Click "Insert" to insert that generated body copy into your created ad.

Next, navigate to "Headline". You can generate a headline based on your body copy. You can choose to "Generate more" prompts (a maximum of once) to regenerate all of the proposed headline copy. Click "More like this" to generate more headline copy like the one selected.

facebook ad sequences - hubspot_3


Finally, click "Insert" to insert the desired headline copy into your created ad.

You can repeat the same process for the Convert & Close ads.

For more information, please check out the knowledge base doc here.

Performance improvements to Dashboards on Mobile [iOS and Android]

HubSpot has significantly improved the performance and load times of Dashboards on Mobile.

How Does It Work?

Once you update your iOS and Android apps to the latest version, you will immediately see improvements to the load times of your dashboards:

  1. Regardless of what network you are on (Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G, etc.), the reports will load.
  2. When scrolling on dashboard, you won't see individual reports constantly reloading.
  3. You will be able to pinch and zoom the reports from the dashboard.

New Email Template Selection Page & E-Commerce Templates

The redesign of the Marketing Email Template Selection Page improves the segregation of native templates and includes five brand-new E-commerce templates.

ecommerce templates - hubspot

How Does It Work?

  • Navigate to Marketing > Email.
  • Click Create email.
  • Select your email type > Regular or Automated.
  • A new layout organizing HubSpot default templates by category will be displayed.
  • Click the E-commerce tab to view the new Ecommerce templates available.
ecommerce templates - hubspot_2


If you would like to learn more about all of the updates from this past week, you can! Log in to your HubSpot account, click on your profile in the top right to open the drop-down menu, and then click on "Product Updates". There, you will see all of the live updates, as well as those that are on the way!

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