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How B2B Companies Can Get The Most Out Of Twitter

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Twitter is a hot topic with Elon Musk's recent plans to purchase or not purchase Twitter and the plans/issues he has for/with the platform. But just how valuable is Twitter to B2B companies? Is it worth your time to connect with prospects and customers there?

Why should our small B2B business care about Twitter?

The news cycle has dramatically changed over the last 5-10 years, with Twitter acting as a nerve center. The ease of connecting users to content is forcing publishers to talk about what is trending daily. For B2B businesses to stay relevant, they must embrace Twitter and figure out how to communicate and connect.

Twitter users expect to grow to 340.2 million users worldwide by 2024. And though you may not use it personally, many of your current and potential customers and industry partners are likely using it. And to get on the right side of Twitter's algorithm and "be seen" by those people, you have to stay active on the site.  

We have six easy steps you can take right now to get your B2B interactions going on Twitter. Let's get you started.

1. Get Yourself Out There

At a minimum, you should post a few times a week to promote your blog posts and giveaways (guides, ebooks, etc.) and share relevant links to research and comments on things of interest to your community. We also advise you to take it a step further and engage with the many like-minded users and groups on Twitter to grow your connections/followers and get your company's name out there as much as possible.   

2. Find Your Community

Whether you are in crypto, real estate, retail, or literally any industry, there is a place for you on Twitter. And there are many ways to connect. The platform is constantly evolving, with new additions such as Twitter Spaces and Twitter Communities, making it more beneficial to B2B companies. 

You can keep your followers up to date with upcoming webinars and interviews and let them know what trade shows you will be attending so they can connect with your sales reps in person—the latter of which is beneficial as in-person trade shows bounce back from COVID. 

You can also take part in weekly discussions that happen on Twitter, such as #USAMfgHour, #USABizParty, and #BrandChat, to name a few. These Twitter Chats are a great way to get your name out there and network. They also help you become a trusted thought leader in your space. 

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3. Connect With Your Customers

Twitter allows companies to connect with customers in a straightforward, personal way that can leave a lasting positive impression. Whether they come to you for advice, ask a question about your product/service, or simply say hello, you can engage in a conversation with them that will make your company seem personable and approachable. You can also keep your followers up to date with new product releases and updates to enhance their experience with your company. 

However, you don't have to limit your posts to your content. You can share industry-specific news, retweet posts, and quote tweet to share your take on a particular event or opinion. There are endless opportunities to engage with your followers and your community actively, so take advantage of them and stay active! Consistency is vital if you wish to stay on the right side of the Twitter algorithm.

4. Use Hashtags to Your Advantage!

One of the key features of Twitter is hashtags. They are used to group tweets about a particular topic together, such as events or political issues. You can use a few tools to find out what hashtags are trending in your industry, such as Talkwalker or All Hashtag

Using the right hashtags can help get your tweets in front of users who are not currently following you, so you must spend the extra time investigating to pair your tweets with the right ones! B2B companies should be researching the right hashtags for all the events and tradeshows they are attending and making sure they actually use them in their tweets!  

5. Personify Your Company

Do you have a particular tone of voice that makes up your brand? Twitter lets you share that personality! It is worth spending some time and strategizing how casual (or not) you will "talk" when Tweeting and develop some standards that anyone sending out messages follows. Consistent messaging and tone help followers get to know you, personalize you, and ultimately lead to better success in winning business over competitors. 

6. Schedule Your Tweets

Scheduling out your tweets for the week/month can help take away the stress of having to create and post tweets every day. It also helps ensure you are consistent in maintaining a presence on the platform. Scheduling also comes in handy when a post needs to go out early in the morning to accompany a blog post or press release. 

Tools like HubSpot allow you to schedule Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram posts in advance to work ahead and not fall behind with your social media activity. 

And although scheduling is a good tactic, we recommend a hybrid approach when it comes to using social media. As well as scheduling out posts in advance, you should actively monitor your social accounts so you can stay on top of new interactions and opportunities that come from your posts!

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