[Ebook] Truth About B2B Marketing

Kelsey Galarza and Rebecca Gonzalez
Mar 09, 2021

Orange Marketing The Truth About B2B Marketing (5)

Welp. We should have titled this "The Orange Marketing Manifesto." We finally wrote down all the information we think every B2B company executive needs to know before they embark on their marketing journey. This is required reading before you hire an agency, a CMO or your very first marketing employee.

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A Brief Introduction

Nature’s finest example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts is a diamond: a lump of graphite — a bunch of carbon atoms — put under enough pressure for a long time, and you’ve got the hardest substance on Earth.

A sound B2B marketing practice will pay off and generate incremental revenue. However, we have found that many of our B2B clients lack the patience and the funding to see it through to the end. In fact, they quit, or change direction, right before the diamond gets created.

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Let’s start with B2B marketing’s “why.” Why do you need marketing at all? Here are some typical reasons heard IRL:

  • Your sales team has no one left to call and they need new leads.
  • You want to sell your company, and the multiplier and offers are too low.
  • Your new company’s growth is coming too slowly.
  • Your VC says you need “marketing.”
  • You have experience and you know you need marketing, but don’t have any time.
  • You have been at this for five to ten years and growth has stagnated.

The common thread and the only reason we will work with a company to implement B2B marketing (or in many cases re-implement) is that they need more revenue. And great marketing can drive revenue 💰 right into the front door.

Our brand new ebook which you can read either read here or you can download now, answers the four questions we receive most about B2B marketing when talking to potential clients:

  1. Who can B2B marketing help?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How much will it cost?
  4. How long will it take?

We pride ourselves on transparency and we know you can handle the truth. But we're not gonna lie, this eb00k is 29 pages, chock full of great information and insider secrets.

So buckle up and Read online right now. Or download for later


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