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Our New Look, Tenacity, and Growing Team

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Orange Marketings New Look and Feel 2019

Orange Marketing has had a number of events in 2019. We gave ourselves a website refresh, hit HubSpot’s premier annual event, #inbound2019, and added more marketing warriors to our team.

Marketing agencies are typically the shoemaker's children. Do as we say, not as we do. We had really grown beyond our little 5 page website and needed to showcase our work and our fantastic SaaS clients. We decided it was time to bite the bullet.

Our new website's look and feel was born out of our desire to showcase our growing team and to better connect with our visitors. We have many marketing tips that we wish to share - and the first step in sharing is increasing visibility! 

Orange Marketing Inc

It was a true team effort using HubSpot template Act 2, and writing and strategy from our Founders Kelsey and Rebecca, with HubSpot CMS development handled by our intern, Curtis DeBrincat. It was his summer project!

Many times, Clients want to know how much a website costs to build. Without counting Founder time writing copy, QAing, designing, and strategizing, we estimate we spent in cold hard cash about $7,000 (Act2 template, graphic designer, summer intern, outside developer for the hard stuff, and stock photography). Founder labor for strategy, layout, design, copy and QA was "free" (nights and weekends). And keep in mind all of this lacks a typical profit margin.

Fresh aesthetics, good navigation, and great content are never inexpensive, but they perform well - and we believe our new format does just that.  

New Teammates

In addition to our website refresh, we hired three marketing consultants this year: Orange welcomed Ed Cervera, Monica Caraway & Kirill Ougarov to the gang. We have a dynamite team, made up of marketing professionals across the country, that help us carry out our mission.

We work to establish and evolve client inbound and outbound  marketing best practices, and advance the combined efforts of their sales and marketing teams to drive revenue quickly.

Download the Checklist Kit Case Studies, Content, & Blogging Checklists


We decided to eat our own dog food and try our hand at video too. This is still an evolving work in progress. Feel free to laugh here. Shout out to Brett Kramer who got us off the dime (another great use for interns — give them an assignment and darn it, they will complete it, whether you like it or not). 

Inbound 2019

We brought back some Inbound 2019 energy to our already switched-on team in early September. Inbound is HubSpot's premier annual marketing conference, with hundreds of experts providing the latest in marketing and HubSpot-specific tips. If you are interested in some of our key takeaways, we shared these in our post 11 Actionable Marketing Tactics We Learned from Inbound 2019.

One of the top 11 tips indicated how useful a kit of downloadables can be for your audience. The kit can include templates, checklists, eBooks, and the like that help your audience make their workday just a bit easier. We took that advice on board and created the below kit featuring awesome marketing checklists for staying on top of content campaigns, writing kick-butt optimized blog posts, and getting the most out of case studies.

Feel free to download our checklists and reach out to us if you have any questions!  


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