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Ban This Word from Your Vocabulary

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Nothing makes us cringe more then when we hear the word "Easy."

At Orange Marketing we specialize in technology and deal with a ton of super smart SaaS Founders. Many times we are even heading up software product management efforts for our Clients. We have oh so many examples of the misuse of the word "easy." Here are two of our favorites. 

Example Number 1

  • Customer asks: "How hard would that be?"
  • Developer answers: "It's easy."
  • Customer hears: "It's FREE!"
  • What Developer meant: "I can see a clear path to how I would solve that problem. It will take me about 16-24 hours. Oh and I forgot to add on the testing and project management time."

First of all, who lets developers talk to customers anyway? Secondly, as a consultant you are now boxed into a corner, because the incremental change the customer asked for is "easy." And how much does "easy" cost? Typically, it's FREE because easy work is worthless.

Work is Work

Nothing is ever free. Because WORK is WORK. No matter how simple and straightforward or how complicated. Work takes time. And a little bit more time after that to get it right.

Example Number 2

  • Employee asks: "How do I do this?"
  • Peer answers: "It's easy."
  • Employee hears: "I'm stupid."
  • What Peer meant: "Let me show you how to do this. Ask questions if I talk too fast. I know sometimes it takes hearing things several times to totally get it."

Team members who feel they look stupid will stop asking questions. And, associates who do not know how to do their work are a blight on your organization. 

So, I beg of you ... ban "FREE" from your vocabulary. 

Except, in Marketing.

  • Buy ONE, Get ONE FREE.
  • FREE White Paper Download.
  • Third night FREE!

And, I don't mind if you are EASY to work with, which doesn't at all imply you are FREE. In fact, it could mean quite the opposite.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on the word "QUICK." 

Example: "That will be a quick change."  **sigh**

Another Take

Adam Korman at UpTech Works was in the same meeting that inspired this post. Check out what he has to say in his post: ”Work Is Work”


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