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A Strategic Approach to B2B SEO With T3 Custom

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With all the talk about how artificial intelligence is reshaping content strategies, showcasing an example of how classic strategic content is still the linchpin for success is compelling. In this spirit, we eagerly share how a well-defined, traditional approach to content can illuminate the path for B2B marketers, driving substantial outcomes in a competitive digital landscape. 

This case study features the brilliant work agency, T3 Custom, undertook for one of our clients. T3 is a content marketing firm specializing in engaging and retaining customers through multi-channel conversations focused on content and SEO.

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The Challenge

In the first quarter of 2023, one of our growing clients in Fintech faced a daunting challenge: their search engine results page (SERP) visibility significantly lagged behind competitors, which not only impacted their market brand awareness but also increased pressure from their board to improve their online presence. Compounding this challenge, the company contended with competitors who boasted higher domain authority, a byproduct of their longer presence in the industry.

A Visibility Shortfall 

Standing out in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results is a crucial battleground. SERP serves as the digital frontline where visibility directly correlates with business opportunities. For B2B marketers, appearing prominently on SERPs means more than just brand visibility; it is imperative for:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Market penetration

In the case of our Fintech firm client, their initial shortfall in SERP visibility was a critical barrier to capturing market share and attracting potential clients. 

The Solution

T3 Custom embarked on a comprehensive SEO overhaul for the client, focusing on fundamental tactics and strategic content deployment. Early assessments revealed that while the Fintech firm had a wealth of specialized content, it lacked basic SEO essentials like core topic clusters and sufficient links to product pages. 

There was a notable absence of a central hub or "pillar content" that could anchor and interlink various topics of interest to their target audience, leading to a scatter of "free floater" content.

Rachel Witzel, Head of Marketing at T3 Custom, explains:rachel witzel_t3 custom_marketing

"We saw a clear need to establish core topic clusters and then aggressively build out from there, exploring each theme from every angle possible."

Despite the company's abundance of specialized content, the absence of a central content hub prevented effective keyword capture. This deficiency significantly reduced the impact of their content SEO efforts, weakening their position against competitors with established domain authorities. T3 aimed to create a cohesive content structure to enhance site authority and strategic interlinkages.


T3 Custom implemented a phased content rollout plan. The initial phase focused on quickly addressing key gaps in SEO fundamentals and establishing robust topic clusters that resonated with both the market and search engines. 

The strategy was straightforward yet meticulous:

  • Core Topic Development: Establishing definitive content pillars that resonated deeply with the Fintech market and aligned closely with the client's offerings.
  • Content Quality and Backlinks: Enhancing content quality and attracting higher-quality backlinks is crucial for improving SERP rankings and domain authority.
  • Technical Writing: Developing a collaborative process with the client to develop detailed content briefs and selecting skilled writers to address continuously evolving topics influenced by real-time market trends.

Subsequent phases involve strategically expanding these topics, incorporating real-time insights into industry trends and search behaviors to keep content fresh and engaging. This ongoing cycle of evaluation and enhancement is crucial to maintaining and increasing SERP visibility.

Charles Samuel, CEO of T3 Custom, notes:charles samuel_t3 custom

"A lot of CMOs rely on intuition when it comes to SEO. But when you really dive into the principles and apply them rigorously, that's when you see breakthroughs."


SEO Growth

The results were nothing short of transformative. Over 12 months, the Fintech firm saw:

  • Keyword Ranking: Improved from 40th to 28th position, a leap forward in visibility.
  • Page Rankings: Pages ranked by search engines surged from 125 to 304, a growth of 143%.
  • Clicks and Impressions: Clicks increased from 10,000 to 14,000, and impressions rose from 330,000 to 455,000.


These metrics highlighted a significant reach and engagement enhancement driven by T3’s strategic content delivery and SEO expertise.

Enhanced Organic Search 

The strategic SEO efforts significantly boosted the company’s organic search leads, evident from the first quarter of 2024 metrics:

  • Organic Search Leads: Increased by 34% compared to Q4 2023.
  • Organic Search Traffic: Grew by 10%, despite the challenges posed by the March 2024 Google Core Algorithm Update.
  • SERP Visibility: Showed substantial improvement, enhancing lead quality and quantity.

Not only did the overall organic search leads rise from 50 to 153 (during Google's Core algorithm update of March 2024!), but the qualified leads also saw a substantial increase, moving from 45 in Q4 2023 to 105 in Q1 2024. 

These results indicate higher traffic and, more importantly, an increase in high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into actual business opportunities.

b2b seo results case study


The Fintech firm’s journey from obscurity to prominence in SERPs is a testament to the power of foundational SEO tactics and high-quality content. It proves that traditional strategies remain as relevant as ever in a technology-dominated digital age.

Charles sums it up:

"This case study is a perfect example of a true content strategy paying off. Continual strategic publishing in the company's niche market was key." 

Building on these successes, T3 Custom will continue to refine and expand the Fintech firm's content strategy. Future content will leverage data-driven insights to tailor topics and formats further, ensuring the company stays at the forefront of industry trends and audience needs. Ongoing analysis and adaptation will ensure that our content not only maintains its SEO efficacy but continues to engage and convert target audiences.

Access the PDF copy of the case study below: