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✍️ What if insightful, reliable writers were easy to find?

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Getting purposeful content out consistently that performs is the plight of anyone in the marketing game. So much can go wrong in finding the right person, sticking to the budget, and successfully getting the work delivered, edited, and on time. If you've been down this road and have unsuccessfully tried content platforms, we encourage you to check out nDash. We aren't being paid for this post, we just wanna give back to a company that has helped us survive and thrive. We know this is a challenge for others in the B2B marketing space and we want to let you know how we get the job done. Our team has been using the nDash service for 3+ years across various client industries, hiring over 40 writers and pumping out 200+ blog posts and 20+ ebooks and topic pages with tremendous results.

3 Reasons to Use nDash for Content Writing 

1) Cuts Down on the Hunt

nDash cuts down the work it takes for us to locate the right writer for a job. Whether you use nDash's platform to locate who you need or have their customer service team help you, nDash delivers quality and dependable writers quicker than any other service we have tried. When you manage weekly content for multiple clients, this is a godsend. 

2) Excellent Pool of Writers You Can Count On

Our SaaS and technology clients run the gamut of industries. We've sourced writers for medical, freight, finance, high-tech manufacturing, structural engineering, gaming, energy, voice software, video editing, human resources, microlearning and training, and so on! And as much as professional writers may insist they can write for any industry—writing with true insight, using the correct vocabulary, and speaking beyond an elementary understanding of a topic takes experience in that industry. 

Experience Matters!

nDash gets you started by providing an exhaustive and experienced talent pool. We then further vet writers by reviewing related writings to ensure there is experience. We also include writers on client orientation calls to help determine fit and project comprehension. Not only does this process dramatically reduce the amount of editing required, but it pushes the writing beyond cursory news on a topic into insightful revelations for the specific audience we are targeting.  

Integrity Matters!

Sure, things go wrong from time to time on content projects, but working with nDash has significantly reduced our instances of:

  • Writers bailing on a project
  • Writers turning in poor work or not meeting the instructions
  • Writers not being involved in the editing process

nDash continually provides writers with integrity and commitment to the projects we assign.

3) Outstanding Customer Support

There have been a handful of times when we needed help finding a suitable writer for a particular niche we were focusing on and a few occasions when an nDash writer could have performed better. In every case, the nDash team has worked to resolve our issue to 100% satisfaction. Every. Single Time. 

The nDash team is always quick to respond to messages, which is a considerable blessing compared to other platforms on the market that are more self-service with little staff to address customer concerns.

We honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience over the years with nDash—and you can learn more in their new case study highlighting our experiences. Discover what it is like to work with a stellar content services provider!

Check Out the Case Study

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