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OM in the News: Important Considerations When Building a Martech Stack

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Our own Kelsey Galarza was quoted in a story on about considerations when building a marketing tech stack. This is a topic near and dear to our hearts, as many of our tech founders can over think this or become enamored with the "hack of the day."

Says Kelsey:

“Many early-stage companies build a MarTech stack based on what’s cool or trendy at the time, or what their friends are talking about …

One of the most important considerations is the capabilities of the actual technicians – the marketers. You may accidentally overpower your team, rendering them less effective and efficient. Startups tend to err on the side of piecing together free or nearly free components, which are fragile and inefficient, where larger companies tend to choose enterprise tools, which may be too much for the team and the job at hand."

Kelsey is correct to emphasize ... get it right! You need tools that suit your team. Your marketing strategy evolves over time, just as the skills of your team evolve. Be sure you consider a Marketing CRM tool that can grow with them ... easy to use in the beginning with a starter setup, and can add on tools and complexity as they grow. 

Read the whole article: 21 Marketing Pros Reveal Most Important Consideration Companies Overlook When Building Their MarTech Stack.

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