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[Ebook] The Truth About B2B Email Deliverability

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New Ebook: Whether you are an experienced B2B marketer becoming increasingly frustrated with email results or a B2B entrepreneur who desperately needs email deliverability best practices—our new ebook has you covered!

The real truth about B2B email deliverability is that emails deliver to your prospects’ inboxes less and less every month. Our new ebook, The Truth About B2B Email Deliverabilitygives you the tools to halt this trend.

What has happened to email?

Back in the 2000s, marketers could rent a list, send an email, and get sales. Immediately. The formula was simple. But now, email providers and ISPs can flag such activity as a spam tactic and block your email. Too many red flags and your domain reputation can decrease!

What has happened to email? And how can a B2B company get its email delivered without angering the powers that be? Without making you acquire a Ph.D. in Email (cause we earned that degree, and it’s super dull at cocktail parties), we are going to provide you background on how email got so darn hard and the steps necessary to get your marketing
email delivered straight to the inbox.

Let us show you what you absolutely need to know about email in 2021. Download our ebook and you will learn:

  • Is email relevant is in B2B marketing these days?
  • All the email marketing verbiage—Access a glossary of the must-know terms and top ESP & ISP provider lists
  • What email deliverability metrics you should pay attention to and which metrics matter most to ESPs, ISPs, and Inbox Providers
  • Technical steps you can take today to increase your overall email deliverability
  • Best practices for creating a highly deliverable email
  • And a wrap-up with an 8-step checklist to help you win back the inbox. 

We put A LOT of research, data, and best practices into this ebook so that you can have email deliverability secrets at your fingertips. Download it now and start reaching your prospects' inboxes!

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