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What You Need To Know Before Hiring Your Next Sales Rep

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As the business world catches up with the last 14 months, many companies find themselves hiring sales reps. In a recent article, HubSpot offers timely hiring tips from the experts, including our very own Kelsey Corcoran Galarza! We summarize the advice in this post.

Hiring a sales rep isn't cheap.
Even if your reps are on a high commission/low retainer, the time investment it takes to train reps is often extensive before they really "take off". With this in mind, learn from experts on what to look for (and what to avoid!) when selecting the sales candidates you'll invest in.

In HubSpot's post 11 Red Flags to Look Out for When Interviewing Sales Reps, According to Experts, experts in media, marketing, and sales offer their hiring tips, including:

  • Look for growth mindsets - Those willing to learn new things will be the most competitive in the ever-changing world of sales. 

  • Avoid risk-averse candidates - Sales requires decisive and assertive behaviors. 

  • Hire candidates that understand how sales and marketing work together - Particularly in B2B sales, prospects are 80% prepped by marketing before they ever talk to sales. Sales needs to work along with marketing, continually improving the leads that come through.

  • Hire those motivated by more than money and status - Being "hungry" for the win is not a profitable mindset long term. An attitude of helping the customer is.

  • Be wary of those using a sales role as a stepping stone to another field - This is a big red flag indicating a candidate who does not intend on being with you long (from Orange Marketing's Kelsey Galarza).

Check out HubSpot's full article to learn the details of these tips and more!Read the Article!

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