Recorded Webinar - Breaking the Mold in Marketing and Sales

Kelsey Galarza
Sep 15, 2019

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9:00 AM Pacific, 12 PM EASTERN

The kind folks at AA-ISP, Orange County Chapter have invited me to speak to some of their members this Wednesday morning during Innovation Week.

While I'll certainly be talking about hot topics like AI in Marketing and Sales, conversational marketing and the like, there's a reason it's called "breaking the mold." There are times when these technologies are not for you! Basically, this webinar will be about when conventional wisdom needs to be ignored.

Here are my planned topics for the webinar. Let me know if you want to hear about something else as well!

  • The sacred cows: Which tactics and strategies really should stay on the list
  • The wild cards - 5 tactics with wildly different success rates
  • Testing - Remembering the rules of statistics and how they can help or bite you
  • The pitch - selling innovation into the finance and leadership team
  • Innovating sales and marketing hand-off

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