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2020 Roundup - Top Tips, Templates, and Guides for SaaS and Technology Companies

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_HubSpot Webinar Series Looks At2020 Roundup - Top Tips, Templates, & Guides for Technology Companies

Welcome to 2021! As we rejoice in seeing the backside of 2020, we share high hopes that business and spirits will flourish. And with a renewed sense of purpose that accompanies a new year, we recap our best marketing and sales tips from the last 12 months below. This post is chock-full of actionable sales & marketing strategies as well as the latest in HubSpot tips, guides and templates to start you off right.

Sales & Marketing

virtual_tradeshoww_tipsCoronavirus Canceled Your Trade Show, Don't Let it Destroy the Year

Canceled trade shows wreaked havoc on marketing plans and sales leads. Here we look at three alternatives to make up for missing leads. This was an very popular blog post with still relevant ideas for 2021. Read more...


New Features and Best Practices Fresh out of HubSpot's Inbound 2020

HubSpot's annual conference turned virtual for 2020 and our team highlights the most powerful new marketing features and tools you should be using! Read more...

HubSpot Tips

hubspot_sequencesHubSpot Sequences vs. Workflows: What's the Difference?

There are a few key differences between HubSpot Templates and Sequences vs. HubSpot Emails and Workflows that you should know. Our most popular blog post of all time! Read more...

hubspot_cms_wordpressWhy HubSpot's Website CMS Hub is WordPress Killer

Are you fed up with WordPress? So are we. Read why HubSpot's new website CMS Hub will make your next website build a piece of cake. Read more...

Tips for SaaS Startups

saas_startup_website_developmentSaaS Medical Startup's Website Makeover Doubles Traffic and Leads

An example of how Orange Marketing doubled a SaaS startup's traffic and sales through a polished website design and robust content strategy! Read more...

saas_website_tips_hubspotSaaS Startups: Eight Reasons to Build Your Website on HubSpot CMS

Why HubSpot CMS is the best website solution for your SaaS startup from Day 1 to Day 2001. Read more...

Guides & Case Studies

website_template_fcWebsite Messaging Template That Improves Lead Conversions

Advice for SaaS startups looking to launch a new or revamped website efficiently. Includes an outline to help ensure messaging works for website crawlers. Read more...

marketing_tips_fcBreaking the Mold in Sales & Marketing

Orange Marketing shares what traditional marketing and sales methods work, what “wild cards” are good to try, and how to test tactics. Read more...



case_study_workflow_templatesHow to Make a Case Study Quickly for Your Business or Client

Crafting a case study showcasing customer experience does not have to be complicated or take a lot of time. See our workflow download to make this easy! Read more...


Mastering MarTech⚡High-Voltage Highlights from MOps-Apalooza!

Mastering MarTech⚡High-Voltage Highlights from MOps-Apalooza!

MOps-Apalooza 2023, the much-anticipated November event in Anaheim, was a standout gathering for those immersed in the world of marketing, and our...

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🎨6 Steps to Unleash Canva’s Power Within HubSpot: Design Smarter, Not Harder!

🎨6 Steps to Unleash Canva’s Power Within HubSpot: Design Smarter, Not Harder!

Unleash the dynamic duo of design and marketing: Canva and HubSpot now integrate to let you turbocharge your campaigns! Quickly craft graphics that...

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HubSpot Buys Clearbit to Add Sales Intelligence, Moves Closer to Being One-Stop Shop

HubSpot Buys Clearbit to Add Sales Intelligence, Moves Closer to Being One-Stop Shop

On Wednesday, November 1st, HubSpot announced that it was acquiring Clearbit, a sales intelligence platform that competes with the likes of Zoominfo...

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