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Focus Content to Hook Leads - You Only Have Seconds

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Our biggest job as a B2B SaaS and technology-focused marketing company is to generate leads for hungry sales teams. Inbound Lead Generation 101 is producing thought leadership white papers, articles, and blog posts in the company's area of expertise on issues of concern to their prospective buyers. We try not to make this too much of an arm wrestle, but ðŸ’ª.

One Degree of Separation

Clients usually want their content to talk about their product or service. They want to share what it is, what it does, and how it's a solution for everybody. But that's not helpful in the world of content. We can't write content about a product and expect all people to be interested. 

To effectively market your product, you must write about topics of interest that are one degree of separation around your product. Those topics are the things and issues good targets care about and are googling to solve. And we want you to "be there" with a voice when they google to solve a problem that your solution can fix. 

The best first pass at your leads out on the "internet frontier" is to be a relevant voice giving advice, helping someone figure something out. That's your in! Now you can lure them to stay connected by:

  • Asking them to sign up for a newsletter
  • Giving them a relevant ebook to download
  • Inviting them to an upcoming meaningful webinar 
  • Showing them where they can learn more by requesting a demo

All of the above gets them into your database via an email where you can nurture them as a lead how you see fit. b2b product marketing tips

The Disconnect on Content

The challenge our clients often run into is they ask for content to meet a variety of different audiences because their product actually serves a variety of people. 

Maybe they have a software solution that helps doctors. Perhaps that software also helps real estate folks. 🛑 You cannot speak to one audience hoping to intrigue another because they have completely different problems and concerns. Doctors vs. real estate agents have vastly different motivations, priorities, and desired outcomes. It is impossible to create truly compelling content that is of interest to them both. 

Niche and Repeat

So our task is to help our clients focus on one audience segment at a time, although team alignment issues on which audience can come up. In these cases, we steer our clients toward prioritizing which audience is the most profitable–What segment can sales really use content on? Where does the highest return lie?

When you have multiple audiences, focus on a high activity and profitable group first, then switch gears and hone in on another segment next time. Select a niche, and repeat.

Double-sided Marketplaces

The same advice goes for clients with a double-sided marketplaces—those offering a service that connects a supply and demand side (think Uber, eBay, Airbnb). 

If you are a seller, you have different needs from the buyer, although you can both benefit from using the same software. Uber's messages to their drivers will be about wages, the ease of being paid, and the flexibility of working. Their messages to riders would be about the convenience of using an app to get a ride, how you can safely go out for a night on the town, and how safe their drivers' records are. car app product

You must focus your content. People are busy and mostly looking for specific things when they are online. You only have seconds to grab their attention, so you must make it as meaningful to them as possible. 🎯

Consumers, Small Business, and Enterprise Content

Another aspect of focusing your content should be what type of buyer the prospect you are targeting is. Let's say you sell a mobile phone that general consumers, small businesses, and enterprises can all benefit from. All of these different types have their own priorities and motivators for using mobile phones. As such, different messages would compel them to read a particular piece of content. 

Pumping out bland general content about mobile phones wouldn't work. A consumer cares about cool features and whether or not their friends have it or like it. Small business consumers care about cost and whether they can manage multiple phones from the same account. And enterprise cares about security, BYOD issues, and device tracking options. The different buyers all google different things concerning mobile phones.  

Orange Break

There was a small startup we were working with whose team was adamant their software worked for anyone. And it really technically did. It mapped out models for users via predictive analytics. The technology was truly amazing, but they would not listen on how best to generate content for specific audience segments. They were unable to communicate effectively about their software and ended up not going to market. They had an incredible and powerful product. It was really unfortunate. 

Don't make your audience think - No brain, no headache.

Your audience–your target customers–are busy folks and are very lazy when it comes to connecting the dots on messaging they see online. 

When they are googling something or a popup ad catches their eye, you have mere seconds to resonate with them and compel them to read or click on your content. 

That's it! Seconds! You've got to make your seconds count. You must be as relevant and as interesting to that target audience as possible, or they'll simply navigate away from your message. 

This type of thinking is at the heart of product marketing. When you start specifically crafting messages about your product/service, you must immediately connect the dots for your audience on how you solve their problem(s).

The goal is to win quality leads, and you do that by hooking leads with pinpoint accuracy.

How we Focus Your Content

We could tell you many horror stories about how SaaS B2Bs and startups with amazing technology go out of business or fail to start because they cannot focus their messaging. Conversely, we can tell you story after story about how Orange Marketing succeeds because we have a singleness of focus. We only serve one kind of company, and all of our messaging is around that one kind of company. We are experts in narrowing down audience segments and crafting focused content for them. And our clients get a lot of value out of what we do.

Increasing your website traffic and getting more quality leads to your sales team through content generation and inbound marketing is an art. Let us show you how we can help you. We encourage you to check out one of our case studies that highlight how we do this. saas company increases website traffic and sales leads

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