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Kelsey Galarza and Rebecca Gonzalez

Co-Founders of Orange Marketing, a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner. Marketing and Sales for B2B SaaS and technology companies. We support startups in early funding and help established SaaS and technology companies jump-start results. We begin with understanding your customers and setting up your website to generate leads right away. Your HubSpot setup will get done right because we've implemented HubSpot dozens of times and we will ensure your sales reps make the most of state-of-the-art automation to get deals moving quickly. We get your content development underway, so you can generate inbound leads including white papers, landing pages, case studies, blog posts, emails, and more. We also test the most effective advertising channels to get results while you wait for your inbound marketing efforts to kick in. We are laser-focused on generating sales leads, which convert to revenue because we know that marketing without sales enablement is simply a waste of time.

b2b sales ebook tips

2 min read

[Ebook] The Truth About B2B Sales

We've watched dozens of B2B SaaS and technology startups and experienced companies fumble setup of sales teams. We have finally written down our best advice for creating an effective sales organization with a predictable pipeline and highly aligned...

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The Truth About B2B Marketing

1 min read

[Ebook] Truth About B2B Marketing

Welp. We should have titled this "The Orange Marketing Manifesto." We finally wrote down all the information we think every B2B company executive...

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