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5 Minute Video: Social Media Best Practices for B2B Technology Companies

Posted by Orange Marketing on 8/19/19 8:00 AM

We get it. You have a million things to do. Social media is not a marketing priority because it is your belief that your target is not looking for information about your product or your company on social media. Unfortunately, you are wrong. Social media is important for your B2B Software as a Service Technology company. You just gotta have it. The trick is knowing what to do with this very valuable marketing channel. 

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5 Minute Video: How to Use Email Correctly for B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Orange Marketing on 8/5/19 10:32 AM

Email is absolutely the work horse of any B2B Digital Marketing strategy and startups are no exception. The exception becomes how startup Founders think email should be used, and how it really should be used to form the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.

In this quick 5-minute video, we explain why and how. 

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