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5 Ways HubSpot Helps SaaS Companies Scale

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SaaS startups typically use a marketing and sales tech stack that looks like: MailChimp for email, Pipedrive for sales, Unbounce for landing pages, WordPress for the website, LiveChat for chat, HootSuite for social media management, with a bit of Zapier thrown in for good measure. All strung together in Google Analytics reports. Although perhaps OK for the first year, these tech stacks don't scale and frequently become revenue inhibitors.

Unsurprisingly, we recommend Hubspot for an all-in-one sales, marketing, and operations solution. (Well, we are a HubSpot Diamond Partner). However, we chose to build an entire practice and business on a HubSpot foundation for the same reasons we recommend HubSpot to our SaaS clientele. HubSpot helps SaaS companies scale efficiently and expeditiously. Let's take a look.

1. HubSpot Meets You Where You Are

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or an established enterprise, HubSpot meets you where you are from a money perspective. 

For those on a shoestring budget, HubSpot's CRM—which has some marketing functionality—is free to get up and running. From there, their starter portfolio includes a suite of lead generation tools to help your business start marketing at scale.

As your company grows, HubSpot grows right along with you, offering upgraded versions of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub, and more

For large companies, HubSpot's Enterprise Suites and Bundles provide businesses with advanced capabilities for sophisticated marketing, sales, and service teams.

2. HubSpot is an All-in-One Sales, Marketing, and Operations Machine

Inbound content marketing and SEO can't be your only marketing play—it's too slow! You need a combination of inbound marketing, paid promotion (outbound marketing), sales, and operations functions to really ramp your business. After all, marketing without sales is a waste of time. 

That's why you should be laser-focused on getting your company more sales leads. How can you do that? By setting up top-performing direct inside sales and inbound marketing team processes. Many of these processes are baked into HubSpot—you just need to know how to implement and use them.

3. HubSpot is an Educational Tool

One of the most valuable parts of the HubSpot ecosystem is the HubSpot Academy. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about all the different software tools—whether they’re a part of the Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub—or take more general courses like “LinkedIn Marketing for Business.”

HubSpot Academy is free online training covering hundreds of topics that can get you and your team up to speed in no time. Moreover, you can even get certified to showcase your expertise (or ensure your team members know what they’re doing).

4. HubSpot is a

One-Stop-Shop for Your Marketing Campaigns

Say goodbye to the days of switching between tools to build your landing pages, create your social media content, write your newsletters, and more. HubSpot allows you to manage every single part of your marketing campaigns in one place.

Start by using one of HubSpot’s landing page templates and encourage readers click with HubSpot’s CTA tool. From there:

  • Run organic and paid social media campaigns from HubSpot’s Social platform, making sure to post at the recommended times for your audience.
  • Create promotional content, like blog posts and eBooks, from within the Marketing Hub.
  • Push out that promotional content to your subscribers with their Email tool.

Get The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist

5. HubSpot Automates Your Lead Nurturing

Get leads from your marketing funnel over to your sales funnel faster with HubSpot. After getting new newsletter subscribers or contacts from an ebook download, HubSpot can help you automate the lead nurturing process.

How? HubSpot allows you to:

  • Create specific lead nurturing tracks
  • Nurture your leads with additional content and information to build trust over the long-term
  • Track the behavior of how your leads interact with that nurturing content
  • Make rules-based decisions on what content to send them next
  • Generate sales qualified leads if the lead is highly engaged with the nurturing content, suggesting a sales rep contact them

The Last Word

Ultimately, HubSpot helps your SaaS company scale by enabling your sales, marketing, and operations processes to all run from one software product at a reasonable price. And, you can maintain this tech stack yourself with a little training from a knowledgeable HubSpot partner (like us). 

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